Track By Tracks: Let Them Fall - Wolftales (2018)

1. The Wolf:

We wrote this song cause we felt the need to start our record with something epic that could immediately drag the listener into the Let Them Fall’s  atmosphere. It’s our live intro too and it works very well, introducing our set to the audience and creating a vibe that sounds a lot like the beginning of a battle in a movie.

2. Mjolnir: 

Mjolnir is one of the heaviest songs of the album. During his composition we wanted to add some melodic hc vibes in it, getting inspiration from bands like The Ghost Inside and similar. We chose the name of a mythologic hammer for this song not only for its heaviness but in order to re-interpretate the story of Thor, the only god who was worthy to wield this mighty weapon. In the same way, our pride is not so easy to balance and it takes a lot of self-awareness to deal with it without hurting ourselves.

3. Fenrir: 

Also called “The one with that catchy chorus”! It’s the first song we wrote in “Wolftales”, it came out as a single more than one year ago. It was the first experiment with the new sound that we’ve been shaped for the last months and that ended up with the release of this first album. The lyrics of this song are really inspiring and have been misunderstood sometimes with something concerning religion and christianity but we actually didn’t
mean to preach about it. Actually it’s a song that goes out to anyone who has found force of will coming from the inside and burning to the ground  fear and doubt like an unleashed beast and the name of a mythologic wolf fits perfectly as a title.

4. Jormund:

This track is a twist in Let Them Fall’s usual style. It mantains the same structure of other songs but it brings darker and creepy vibes. We wanted to create a song that could remind an apocalyptic scenery and we gave to it the name of the giant sea serpent that comes out of the ocean during Ragnarock, the end of the world according to northern mythology.

4. Wintersun: 

Wintersun is the 2nd single came out before the release of “Wolftales”. It’s surely the first love song we’ve ever written and we used elements like piano and violins to create an emotive and deeper atmosphere. This song has been with no doubt an intermediate but fundamental step in the realization of “Wolftales” and helped us to understand our direction as far as the sound Is concerned.

5. The Tales:

When we wrote down an hypothetical list of ideas for the new album we said “We need a kickass interlude”. This instrumental track is deeply influenced by post-rock and we tried to achieve that kind of ambient sound that characterizes the genre. We used this song as a intro for our last video single “Midgard” and the result looks like a real cinematic, it’s awesome!

6. Midgard:

Well, if you’re wondering which song most represents Let Them Fall as a band, it’s absolutely Midgard. You can find a perfect mix of everything we’ve ever loved to place in our songs in terms of riffing and composition. But the most important thing is that this track is dedicated to ourselves, a tribute to our story. It’s a tale about how we’ve never stop fighting to achieve our goals and being loyal to this project. In northern mythology Midgard is the world where humans live and we thought it could sound good for a song that actually speaks about values that concern the daily and constant self-improvement and perseverance, that are typical of human beings.

7. Skoll: 

The most appropriate adjective to define this song is probably “messy”. We just needed to not follow a proper structure for once and we obtained Skoll. We appreciate in particular the acoustic special that starts after the first chorus, it’s really evocative and a sort of quiet before the storm in our live set. It’s one of the first songs we wrote in “Wolftales” and has been produced in a pre-album version that we didn’t release. Later we reworked the track in order to let it sound like the other songs of the record.

8. Wildfire: 

Almost every metalcore album has a ballad, and ours is Wildfire. In this one we used a lot of clean tones and orchestral elements, and it’s plenty of clean singing parts. During our live show, this song is a special moment cause we involve the crowd inviting them to light up every lighter or smartphone torch to create something magic. Regarding the thematics, Wildfire is a sequel of Wintersun in which we decided to repeat a part of the lyrics to emphasize and create a something similar to a plot.

9. Gathering: 

The last track of our record. In this track we resumed all of the thematics and characters that we introduced in the previous lyrics. Every character represents one of the values that we’ve already mentioned talking about Midgard. This is also the punky one of “Wolftales” and is a little bit different from the others for style and riffing. The melodic ending works perfectly as a conclusion of the album and gives an epic end to this work of which we are truly satisfied.

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