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Track By Tracks: Torture Squad - Far Beyond Existence (2018)

1. Don’ t cross my path:

Castor: This song was composed in the period we were working in the album “ Aequilibrium”,  back in 2009. For some reason ,we did not included it to that album, but this time decided to record it on the Far Beyond Existence album. We felt that it could fit perfectly as the opening track for the new album. It has all elements that Torture Squad has  into . That's why  we decided to open the new album with this track   

May: This song talks about a strong person who fights against everything to achieve your  dreams and objectives. It’s a person with integrity who needs to deal with fake and corrupt people. Some of them are able to put themselves up for sale. Not us!   

2.  No Fate:  

Castor: This is another song we had composed before we started working on Far Beyond Existence’  s album. We only had changed the drums bit from the original one. Back then it sounded more dense and slower on the verse parts. So , we had only changed it to blasting beats drumming and it turned more aggressive.  

May: It’s a song inspired by Terminator movie, in a special view of Sarah Connor, like  a guide to survive, and build your own destiny . “There’s no fate, but what we make for yourself”.   

3. Blood Sacrifice:  

Castor: This track we all did together with this current line up. We all jammed in our  rehearsal room putting up all ideas on it . We were very excited about how it sounded in the final result.  

May: During our rehearsals we are jamming and having fun. The name of great Kali was revealed  to me when I listen the major riff, who mates perfectanly with the metric of Maha Kali name, a Hindu goddess. I was inspired to talk about the fury and obscure wisdom of Kali on sinister pathways.   

Rene: The recording day of the sitar was very awesome to me cause I never have  played  it  before. But Since I was young I listen to people like Ravi Shankar and indian music. So t, I took he sitar from a friend of mine named Felipe from a Death Metal band called  Carbono and he helps me and teach me how to play that . I  really enjoy too mix  minor harmonic scale to pentatonic blues scale, you can feel it on the  guitar solo  from this track.   

4. Steady Hands: 

Castor: Steady Hands is also another song we did before we started working on Far Beyond  Existence, in the time we were a power trio, back in 2012. This song has lots of environments with grooves , skank and blast beats.   

5. Hate: 

Castor: This track brings the old school Death Metal atmosphere . When we were  in the  studio recording the new album, Luiz from our record label  Secret Service Records got in touch with us saying that he could invite David Ingram to do some vocals in the album and we were very excited about have him doing some vocals in our album! We found  that awesome! He is definitely one of our heros! We all grew up listening to his bands! Especially in the time when he were in Benediction.  So, we thought that Hate would fit perfectly to him to sing. We send the lyrics and music  to him  recorde it in his own studio in Sweden. David sang the second verse, chorus and sharing vocals in the last verse with Mayara.  

6. Hero for the Ages:   

Castor: I really dig this track! Very groovie and aggressive! The lyrics is very especial,  they were taking from the Bruce Lee quotes which has a huge impact in our lives.   

7. Far Beyond Existence: 

Castor: Another old song we had kept into our sleeves for some years.  This track brings more tradicional Speed / Heavy Metal riffs that makes us banging our  heads to death!   

8. Cursed by Disease:

Castor: The majority of the riffs of this song Mayara did during our european tour in  the end of 2016. She would pick up Rene's guitar from time to time to play the riffs of this song, so one  one day she came up to us with and show the music and we all started working on it right away. This track is very dense and groovie in the beginning  and turned out very aggressive in the middle.  Edu Lane our great brother from Nervochaos who does the narrative on the middle of this track. I really enjoy this one!   

May: This song talks about an ancient curse of the  Pharao ‘s Tutankamon tomb. Many people  died during the exploration of his tomb, then a disease caused by a fungus presented on the wall paintings of the tomb. But for people there that was a curse of the tomb which were protecting the Pharaoh treasures   

9. You must Proclaim:

Castor: The intro is a tribute for the Yes song “ Into the lens”. We all are very fan  of progressive rock! This song gives a punch right on the the face when you’re listening to!  The lyrics talks about the corrupt politicians in Brazil that are rapping and destroying  our rights and dignity with their greed and thievery more and more!   

10. Just got paid:

Castor: This is a tribute to ZZ Top, band that we are huge fan! We invited our long time  friend Alex Camargo from Krisiun which is also a great fan of ZZ Top to sing this one.   

11. Torture and Progress:

Castor: Amilcar and I did this riffs and we usually play it during our rehearsals or soundchecks.  One day we decided to really work over this song to be part of the album. This one sounds like a jam sessions of bands from the 70’s .I do love the Hammond solo that our friend Marcelo Schevanno did on it!

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