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News: CJLO 1690AM Montreal Unleash Free Metal & Rock Compilation "Burned In The Oven: Volume 2"

CJLO 1690AM in Montreal is proud to release Burned In The Oven: Volume 2, their second metal and loud rock compilation, now available for free download at

Volume two features some of the loudest and hard rocking-est tracks they've ever recorded at CJLO. Since this year marks their 20th anniversary, they've gone back into their vault and picked some of their favorite tracks from loud artists that have come by and recorded in their in-house recording studio, The Oven. 

This compilation is as varied as CJLO’s musical taste, both past and present day. There’s something for everyone in here; the thrash metal of Striker, the punk and grime of Gutser, Indian Handcrafts, and Voltang, the weird spastic electro metal of Genghis Tron, the audio landscapes created by Meinyl or Set and Setting, the wall of noise and fury that is Waingro or just the good old fashioned rock laid down by Heart Attack Kids and Double Experience. There are even some "golden oldies" from the likes of The Bled and Fear Before the March of Flames. They even get a bit softer with the punk dudes from The Motorleague. 

Track Listing:

1. The Bled - Hotel Coral Essex
2. Voltang - Lunatic Slick
3. Heart Attack Kids - Platonic Love Bomb
4. Indian Handcrafts - Delete Me
5. Striker - Crossroads
6. Waingro - Raleigh
7. Gutser - Encyclopedia Self-Destructica
8. Set and Setting - Acceptance
9. Fear Before the Marchc of Flames - Epic Song
10. Genghis Tron - Endless Teeth
11. Meinyl - Track 11
12. Double Experience - Gambit
13. The Motorleague - North America

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