News: IN HEARTS WAKE announce 'ARK' Deluxe Collectors Edition


In Hearts Wake have announced the release of a collector's edition of 'Ark', featuring the original ARIA #3 album in all its instrumental glory, as well as re-imagined versions and guest vocals from Thy Art Is Murder frontman CJ McMahon and Dream State frontwoman CJ Gilpin.
Click below for a behind the scenes look at the creation of Ark:

Ark Deluxe is available for preorder here.
 In Hearts Wake - Ark Deluxe is out June 8 via UNFD
1. Ark   
2. Passage       
3. Nomad
4. Frequency     
5. Warcry
6. Waterborne     
7. Arrow 
8. Flow 
9. Overthrow     
10. Elemental       
11. Totality
12. Now   
13.  Arrow (feat. CJ Gilpin) 
14. Frequency (Reimagined)
15. Waterborne (Reimagined)         
16. Adrift (Outro) 
17. Elemental (feat. CJ McMahon) 
1. Ark (Instrumental)
2. Passage (Instrumental)
3. Nomad (Instrumental)
4. Frequency (Instrumental)
5. Warcry (Instrumental)
6. Waterborne (Instrumental)
7. Arrow (Instrumental)
8. Flow (Instrumental)
9. Overthrow (Instrumental)
10. Elemental (Instrumental)
11. Totality (Instrumental)
12. Now (Instrumental)

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