Track By Tracks: Elessar - Is This All We Are (2018)


1. Half Love:

We wanted to open the EP with heavy punch and ‘Half Love’ definitely provides that. The opening riff seems to really catch everyone’s attention but lyrically, it sets the tone nicely for the rest of the EP. Admitting that sometimes you aren’t as ‘fine’ as you say you are, and acknowledging when you need to let someone go was the main focus of the track, watch the video for the track here - .

2. Stay:

Continuing with the personal theme of the EP, ‘Stay’ is a song that attempts to counter the negative tracks, by acknowledging the positive aspects that someone can bring out of you. Everyone needs that someone to help bring down their own defences, and help open them up. It’s those kinds of people you need to keep around! 

3. In All Honesty: 

This was a very exciting track for us! It’s the first time we really tried keeping a song open and simple, not overcrowding it or trying to make it bigger than it needed to be. Lyrically, it’s a very personal song too, about letting someone go who’s been a big part of your life, even though you may not have wanted to. While writing, it was really eye-opening to see how poisonous certain moments had become, and how I’m happy to have done the right thing letting them go! 

4. Careless: 

This track came together really easy for us instrumentally, but lyrically wasn’t finished until we were actually in the studio recording it. It’s a song about chasing something you think you really want, only to find out it’s not what you’d hoped it would be. I guess it’s a ‘the grass is always greener’ kind of track. But we hope it can inspire people to not give up or get disheartened when something lets you down.

5. Saudade: 

We love this song, we knew it would make a single pretty quickly. It’s a very sad song that really brings home the memories you can make with someone when you trust them. And how all of that to be lost so easily when everything falls apart. We tried to really experiment with this song, working with our friend George Tyreman for a few days, building everything up from just a clean guitar riff. I remember getting so stoked the day we wrote the vocals in the chorus. It’s a great way to end the EP and we hope people really connect with this song! Here's the video for the song - .

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