Track By Tracks: Posthuman Abomination - Transcending Embodiment (2018)


Lorenzo Orru’ (vocals). The central idea of the album is to talk about post humanism not only with lyrics but also through the music. The riffs and song structures are like cyborgs; mechanical and organic “traditional” Brutal Death Metal at the same time.

1. Transcending Embodiment:

The opener is an introduction to the concepts that the listener will find in the other songs. The excitement for new discoveries and technologies that could revolutionize the idea on human, overshadowed by the fear for the unknown future.

2. Systematic Ecophagy:

“Grey Goo” apocalyptic scenario. The fear for nanomachines become reality and the entire planet surface is devoured by an uncontrollable mass of nanorobots.

3. Cyberbrain Drain: 

In a futuristic world, where human are mentally connected with the WEB, an Artificial Intelligence grows enormously, infecting the minds and creating slaves armies. A tribute to the genius Shirow Masamune.

4. Autogenetic: 

The process of cyberization from within the body. Disintegrating and reconstructing the body, reprogramming the DNA, nanofibers will replace tissue and bones.

5. Apocatastasis: 

An insoluble schism between humans, untouched by technology by choice or because they simply cannot afford enhancements and “new” humans, heavily modified cyborgs. A familiar scenario for the fans of the videogame “Deus Ex”.

6. Crafting Life: 

An involuntary donor reborn with a full body prosthetic. A tribute to one of the best Sci-fi action movies, “Robocop (1987)”.

7. Simulacra-Simulation: 

The doomsday, the retaliation of the machines against their creators. A tribute to “The Second Renaissance – Animatrix”

8. Planned Obsolescence:

A synthetic man, realize that he have an expiration date. A Tribute to the one and only “Blade Runner (1982)”.

9. Posthuman: 

The machine claims his superiority amongst simple humans.

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