A-Z Interviews: Ringgo 5

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, pop-rockers Ringgo 5 are soon to be gracing the stage in the UK and The Netherlands. Concentrating on the South Coast of England, the quintet will play the following dates: May 18 – Brighton, World’s End; May 20 – London, 100 Club (Event Here) and May 22 – Southampton, Joiners Arms (Event Here), before heading to the Netherlands to play in The Hague on May 25 th at Tong Tong Podium and De Rotonde. To give us a taste of what to expect, the band recently unveiled their video for single ‘Valeria’ here. The track is taken from the band’s debut album ‘Emotion’, available on Spotify here. The pop-rockers are now here to give us a greater insight into who they are...

A song which made you want to make music: 

Nabil: Personally, for me it would be “I Miss You” by blink-182. I remember my brother play that song when we just got back from the mall, with his old generation iPod and when the song started, I asked him directly what band is this. Then he took me to Panic! At the Disco tour when I was still in primary school. My family love music. My brother was in a band, my dad wanted to be a DJ when he was in high school, My mom is an artist, so music is in my blood. 

Best Album Ever Written: 

Obviously Emotion Album. Since we only have like an album currently. But I think our second album is going to be great.

Craziest Moment You’ve Experienced in The band: 

To be the opening for Paramore Tour 4 in Indonesia (although they cancelled the tour in Indonesia due to Haley’s health. Hopefully they will choose us again on the August 25th 2018 since they re-schedule the date) – Nabil

Deepest Lyrics one of your songs features: 

“No matter what It takes, you know that I’ll stick with you” from the music Alright. it may look like a normal cheesy lyric, but the meaning is deep. The lyric is meant for the fans, we made the song Alright for the fans on how they have stick with us from the days of us doing small gigs and acoustic at parks till now.

Easiest Song You Wrote: 

Promise. Like the day before I made that song, I had a fight with my several friends and I had just broke up with my ex girlfriend. I made that song purely from the bottom of my heart and with broken condition. If Promise is a movie, it would be based on true story. – Nabil

Guest You’d Like TO Feature On Your Record: 

Probably Matt Healy from The 1975. But not as a duet or a feature in a song. I want him to be our Creative Director for our album. He is a pure genius.

Happiest Moment In you’ve experienced in the band: 

Emotion UK and European Tour. This is the farthest tour that we ever travelled. We lived in one house for 2 weeks, travelling around Europe, this is like a dream come true.

Interesting Fact About One of Your Members: 

Rishad loves to eat chicken so much, but he freaked out if he sees a living chicken.

Jokes You Have In the Band: 

Everything that Rhein does is always a joke.

Kicking Off your set is best with which song: 

Robert: I personally pick Misery, because that song is very energetic when played live, It really gets us pumped up.

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a show: 

This tour. This is the first tour of our album. And also the longest distanced show we’ve ever had.

Most inspiring Musician You’ve ever Experienced: 

Robert: I personally think its All Time Low. Because when I was in fifth grade, All Time Low turned me into a little kid with a dream for the first time. Which is to be a musician and play in a band. -Robert

New Band You’d Recommend: 

Robert: It’s not that new, but not many people in my country know about them, they’re called COIN. Highly recommended.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal: 

Well, we were 99% close to be the opening for Paramore, if I have to pick a huge musician, I think ideally Ringgo 5 would fit to be an opening for 5 Seconds of Summer.

Place you’d most like to tour: 

Everywhere in the world. And end it with an Indonesian tour.

Quote that you’d like to pass on to readers: 

“Life is like Adidas and Nike, Nothing Is Impossible so Just Do It”

Reason for the title of your recent release: 

Robert: Our recent release is the next single of our album called “Valeria”. The title is a name of a girl because I think so many succesful pop-punk band out there have atleast one girl name as a title of their song. 

See us live at: 

Leeds and Reading festival. Hahaha just kidding.

The old days of music were better than those current, do you agree: 

No, i must say we live in the best era, some people says they miss the old era, the 80’s and all that. But I personally think we live in the best era. Even to create music, we can see so many different types of music, multigenres, and everything. Nowadays we can also easily express our feelings through music and spread it to the world easily with the help of the Internet.

Unusual Merchandise: 

Maybe in the future we’d make an underwear merchandise because why not.

Variations You’d like to do on any of your songs: 

A remix by a DJ would be cool.

What band have you seen live and regretted: 

Robert: Wolf Alice. I dont regret seeing the band, I regret that I didn’t deep dive to their album before I see them because they were so cool. I wished I knew more about them before I watched

X-Rays or any other treatments needed for the band related injuries: 

Rhein’s stomach. Seriously, it looks unusual.

You could have written any song in history, which would you pick:

Michael Jackson - Heal The World. Because its a song that can change the world and unite people around the globe.

Zoo Animal that best describes the personality of your band: 

Lion, because we’re always hungry for gigs.

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