Behind The Artwork: Annihilist - Volume I (2018)

"When discussing the artwork for Vol.1 it was created with the consensus that the viewers/listeners open it for their own interpretation. With that in mind it had one major priority to capture the lyrical themes and mood. 

An owl was chosen because it is known to have an incredible ability to navigate through the darkest of nights with complete vim. Also depicted is a disheveled human-like figure which bears a crown laden with various etchings and marks that reflect the battles of its past. If you look a little closer at the main jewel it’s made up of disturbing imagery of pain and suffering. This represents the ability to not only identify past suffering and hurt but to be able to accept it and use it as a tool to expand oneself - which shows true strength opposed to ignoring it. Saying that It just made complete sense for us to use this as it captured the mood of the music and lyrics perfectly.

As soon as the amazing cover artist Scotty Bates drew up the sketch for us after listening to our EP I believe ‘f***yeah!’ Was happily exclaimed numerous times from all of the band members in agreement that this was going to be it."

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