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Behind The Artwork: Fight For Friday – Someone You Could Trust (2018)

Taking the title of their forthcoming EP from a beloved The Wonder Year’s song,
vocalist/guitarist Seb Harper reveals: “’Someone You Could Trust’ is relevant to the context of the EP and the message we are trying to portray: the effect that other people can have on someone’s happiness, health and life experience.” As their first band, the project began life as an extra- curricular school activity at the tender age of 14, picking a name which “sounded pretty cool. Not so much anymore.” Now seeing the eldest  member turn 20, they say: “We’ve achieved more than we’d initially hoped - playing at huge venues such as Manchester Academy, Fac251; releasing our first EP in 2016 and having toured the UK twice. We are nothing more than a high school band that didn’t stop, carrying on to get to the stage that we are now. It wasn’t the quickest journey but its definitely been the most fun.” Within the genre they are inspired by the likes of The Story So Far and New Found Glory, creating a scrappy and lively pop-punk, in combination with flairs borrowed from classic rock and hardcore. As the band are set to release their EP on 11 th May, Basist Sol is keen to give us an insight into the creation of it’s artwork…

“We tried to keep a theme with all the artwork for this EP and all of the things we've been doing since it was announced, mostly based around flowers and fabric textures. I like to think it feels familiar and homey to a lot of people, like one of those old couches or furniture you find in your grandparents’ house. It's a little embarrassing but I think a lot of the inspiration for the aesthetic came from the music I was listening to at the time. Through the autumn and winter I had been listening to tons of super melodramatic and dreamy bedroom pop and indie like Salvia Palth and Teen Suicide, and also a lot of emo and sad pop punk, which all has a kinda dusty and comfortable vibe, which really helped me to land on an aesthetic that we liked at the time. I definitely think that if we had been working on it at a different time of year it would look and feel totally different.

I tried to focus on keeping the cover art super simple so that it was recognisable even if it was really small or far away. Some of the earlier designs were way busier and from a distance they just looked like a mess. I really like how bold and bright the final design ended up which might reflect what we were going for in some of the tunes. We really want to make an impression. The simple nature of the design also made it way easier to adapt for a cassette release and other media like show posters and flyers. As well as the cover design I also put together an entire lyrics booklet which was something I’d never done before and a huge learning curve, but who knows if that’ll ever see the light of day…”

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