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Behind The Artwork: Finding Harbours - From Spring To Fall (2018)

From Spring To Fall is our second EP and we all wanted to use a photo and not an illustration, just as we did the last time. Photos are honest and real because they capture moments that actually happened. The photos we chose for the artwork (as well as the artwork for the last EP) were shot with an analog camera and the pictures are barely edited or not edited at all which makes them even more authentic. We like this idea of honesty because we are not trying to embellish anything. We are an emotional band, we write and sing emotional lyrics and – as we all know – not all feelings are positive. But what we try to say is that this is totally fine.

The title of the EP is part of the lyrics from the self-titled track. The whole line is “Just like flowers only bloom from spring to fall, I guess it’s just a bad day, not a bad life”. My girlfriend said this to me  when times were hard. She tried to tell me that it’s okay to not feel okay all the time. It’s alright to be sad. You just have to remind yourself that you’re going to be okay again. The artwork expresses this in a subtle way. It is grainy and pretty dark but that’s alright because it has bright spots and the beautiful sunset in the background, too.

The photo wasn’t originally made for the EP. It was taken by chance when I was doing a portrait- photoshoot of a girl for a Russian magazine. We were heading to the last spot where we wanted to shoot and saw this mesmerizing sunset and the bright colors of the sky and I decided to take a picture of it just for fun. By the way, the photoshoot was meant to show the struggles of growing up and making decisions on your own. That is one way of interpreting our songs and so we decided to use this photo.

It was taken at the Station in my hometown, which is a nice metaphor. You may choose which train you want to jump on and people might tell you which way it goes, but in the end we all will have to find out for ourselves if it was the right or the wrong path.

If you ever realize that you chose the wrong path, don’t be mad and remember: Even flowers only bloom from spring to fall.

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