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Interviews: Sunset Radio

In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the  Punk Rock band Sunset Radio, from Italy. Check out this band and give them a like on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1.Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that?

Summer, a warm afternoon, swimming pool, beer, punk rock. Sunset Radio. Sounds good, no? 

2.Why did you want to play this genre? 

Punk rock has been part of our life since we are 13! and I think he'll never leave

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed? 

No, only 3 of us knew each other before

4. Each band member favourite band? 

No use for a Name, Blink182, Lagwagon, Sum41, Bad Religion

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs? 

life. 90% of the punk rock lyrics speak of what happens to us every day, some describe them with metaphors, and those who are a little more without masks.

6. Where was your last gig? 

Milan, with Satanic Surfers!

7. Where would you like to act? 

California, Daytona Beach, like blink182 in 2000’s

8. Whom would you like to feature with? 

A lot of singers, like dan o’connor from FYS, Derek from state champs, but the first in the standings will always be Tony sly. Rest in peace

9. Whom not? 

Nothing to answer on this one...

10. Any of you has ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that? 

Fear no, never, maybe anxiety. I do not think there is a way to cure it, if not the experience, or sometimes a bit of Beverage!

11. What bands have inspired you the most?
No use for a Name, Blink182, Lagwagon, Sum41, Bad Religion, Four Year Strong, State Champs

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you for? 

More than he asked us, what he did! In Japan a fan broke a tooth during our concert, and at the end of the concert arrived to congratulate the fact that he had danced  so much to break a tooth, the following day he sent the picture of him to the dentist !!

13. What do you think of your fans? 

Our fan are always the best!!

14. What do you think of our site?

Well structured, with every kind of music. suitable for everyone !!

15. Something add?

Punk rock is not dead!!!

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