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Track By Tracks: Finding Harbours - From Spring To Fall (2018)

It’s very important to talk about lyrics, especially when you’re a serious band, which i would say we are. You can make the best melodies or rhythms but if you don’t have meaningful lyrics the music is worthless in my eyes. I sat down with Lukas and we thought about our lyrics from "From Spring To Fall“.


To me (Lukas) writing lyrics is a way of dealing with things that burden me. “The King Is Dead, Long Live The King” is a seemingly contradictory phrase that was originally used when a monarch passed away and the new monarch was already there. This phrase fascinated me for a long time because I couldn't really get it. Until last year. I was invited to a wedding and Iwas really excited and happy for the couple. A few days before the wedding I learned that a close family member got seriously ill and that was really frightening. I was stuck between happiness and sadness and I didn’t know what to think and what to feel. That was the moment I understood the phrase. I decided to write this whole problem down and I am happy that in the end it turned out as a song full of hope and it gave me strength. So writing it down was good for me. The hardest part is always to show it to someone else but I think this is an important part of the process.


Greetings from a bluer sky is the only story I (Lukas) wrote, that hasn’t happened to myself. Pip and I always write about real things of our lives which makes our songs so emotional and honest. This song is different because it is about a woman (Doaa Al Samel) who survived on a sinking refugee boat. She flew with her fiance, they wanted to marry in Italy but he didn’t survive. She said that she’d only survive because another woman gave her her daughter and
she wanted to safe her. 500 refugees started on the boat and about 10 survived. That was a horrible story and I decided to write about it because It is still a relevant subject today although it happened four years ago. The last part of the song is supposed to be a massage of hope and I wish that everybody who can relate to the lyrics understands that.


I’d say ‚Sun And Moon‘ is a song with two faces. It isn’t really sad but on the other hand it isn’t really happy either. We split the lyrics for this song. So Lukas wrote the verses and i (Pip) wrote the chorus. Lukas’s parts are about his girlfriend, who moved away to study. He sees her only on weekends which limits their time together. As she moved away Lukas began to know the downsides of being alone several days, especially if he misses her and can’t have her around. When you feel bad you can lean on to someone, that’s one point he struggles now that she is away for a while. The chorus can be seen as the other side of the story. I had a relationship which ended in a hurtful way to me and after that i struggled to gain trust in someone you love. But now as i did with my girlfriend i even love her more, because i know she isn’t like the person before. Like the chorus says „You are the sun, I am the moon.“ We are contrary but depend on each other „.. I just shine when i’m with you“.


In this song we split the verses and chorus again. I (Pip) wrote the chorus. If you grow older, life gets harder and you unfortunately get to know the bad sides of it. For me it is hard to get along with issues like insurances, bureaucracy and stuff like that. It may sound incomprehensible but for me it’s a burden because i think too much about other things that affect me in life which i think are more important than that. Seeing your parents grow old, friends getting kids or things like that. These are the burdens i have to deal with but I don’t want to, because i don’t want to believe that the time flies so much. The chorus says "I run away and hide from everything“ but at the end I know I can’t because life goes on "A sun will rise on every morning…“.


Moments is generally positive song but warns you not to waste your time. Like i (Pip) wrote in the verse "A lot to do i’m always in a hurry“ my time is limited and the days pass by so fast. I try to avoid too much business after work, but mostly can’t. The second verse tells you to enjoy the important moments „I try to capture these moments, but they just slip awayand pass“ but sometimes you can’t because you have to move on. My fear is to waste time and to not think enough about the really important things like meeting my grandma once a week as long as she is still with us. The chorus expresses this in a metaphorical way by crossing a sea with a ship which always swam. But if it will sink one day, my dreams go down with it. "I’ve crossed the hardest seas. I’ve built ships that won’t sink. But in my mind a thought comes up – in my mind it rises up: What if I sink with my dreams?“. So follow your dreams, enjoy life and use your time efficiently, because it’s limited for everyone.

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