Track By Tracks: KHASM - Trinity (2018)


The first track is the most mid-tempo oriented on this record. With heavy riffs and a devastating drum, you can feel a death-metal touch! We wanted to choke the listener instead of beginning with something harsh.

Shadows tells the tragic story of a young boy, Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman), and what he became after the loss of his parents. It is dark and gritty but at last, a hero rises from this…


Total change with this song! Fast tempo, no compromise and no time-outs. Spartans! Warriors-born! No retreat! No back down! No surrender! nuff’ said !!!


Back To à death/thrash feeling with a heavy and aggressive mood. The song is about ETRIGAN, a DC comic. However, it is more about its counterpart Jason Blood. Etrigan was a demon who served Merlin and also King Arthur. To protect mankind against Hell and it's minions, Merlin choose to bond Etrigan with one of king Arthur's Knight, Jason Blood.

He became an immortal force of good but it became a constant struggle against the rage of Etrigan. Jason Blood is the keeper of Etrigan forever and that's his curse....


Another thrash attack with help of the mighty Jeff Waters from the famous Canadian band Annihilator! He did an awesome solo that made us so proud. Do you know the most lethal killer in the comic’s world? This is Slade Wilson (a.k.a. Deathstroke) the terminator! Nothing personal but killing is a business and for this is the best! You won’t see him coming!


Trinity is a three part song with different moods and attitudes...

Part 1: Beyond:

Mid-tempo thrash style we love again! A story about a man who can’t find pleasure through usual sexuality. He needs something more, something forbidden, something unwholesome. So he turns to black magic and the worst happens…

Part 2: Serenity:

The instrumental one of the album, the calm before the storm...

Part 3: Rage:

Heavy, intense, mid-tempo thrash/ death to the core! It fits perfectly with the lyrics. Another song about warriors! Mercyless, bloodthirsty, remorseless are the mighty berserkers! Dedicated to Odin, they are the terror from the north!!!


We end up with a powerful, speed and thrash-metal song! The last track of the album is a personal one! We made this record a reality! We did it and we’re so proud! FUCK OFF!!!

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