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Track By Tracks: Red Devil Vortex - Something Has To Die (2018)

1. Undaunted:

This song is about putting yourself in an hostile situation where you don’t have a plan B or any type of escape but fight for what you believe is right, stand your ground and outsmart your obstacles.

2. The Devil’s Place:

It’s about daring to leave your comfort zone. It’s about the moment when you stop lying to yourself and you quit finding excuses to stay at your safe space and once you do that, you detach yourself from whatever is holding you back.

3. Something Has To Die:

It means that for every change you make in your life, it's up to you to face facing whatever pain and fear you might have and understand that to find something new, you must leave something old behind.

4. The Fallen:

The Fallen is about accepting and embracing who you are without excuses, feel safe and solid in your own skin and enjoy it.

5. Villans And Kings:

This song is about breaking rules for the greater good. You might be seen as a villain, you might be judged by those who don’t understand the path, but if you have the heart in the right place and you’re fighting for the right reasons, the truth will soon come out along with the glory.

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