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For the artwork on Slaughter Monolith, we presented Marco Hasmann with our concept and then let him take the reins on the piece.

The core concept of the piece was to create something artistic out of death. The concept symbolizes the new approach we’ve taken towards our writing process. For reference pieces, we gave Marco two images of corpse art from the TV show Hannibal (specifically the corpse tree and the totem pole of bodies on the beach). Our idea was for the architecture in the piece to be created with corpses.

The focal point of the front cover is a woman that seems completely out of place. Her presence is meant to add contrast to the piece. It’s implied that she is responsible for the killings, but she presents herself in a way that is unremorseful. She has justified her actions to the point in which she has no guilt. This ties in with the overall concept of the album; which is that people self-justify their actions to dismiss culpability.

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