Behind The Artwork: CENTAURO - Daño Colateral (2018)

The cover was done by Indonesia based artist Septian at Illustronesia. On it the stages of the life of the main character of the story are reflected. It is a cold and arid scenerio, just as the reality that he faced during his struggle against destiny. Death and time are a factors that are always lurking in the path of the main character. That is why they are perched on the columns that support existence. In the center upper part of the cover, a skull observes the suffering of men, it is the all-mighty that is always everywhere watching our destiny whether it is good or not. In the four corners we can see the triads that represent the cycles that are repeated over and over again. In this case the story will rebound in triads because the failure of life of the main character causes him to become a criminal and harms the rest of society with bloody and evil acts. The sun is the beginning of life and the moon is the end, because through the album, it is told how he is born and how he dies. As the central element of the cover, we see the spectre of the main character suffering the different stages of pain that are present through his life.

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