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Behind The Artworks: Black Water Chemistry - Return To Ashes (2018)

1. Can you tell us a little about the artwork for the EP, who designed it?

The artwork was designed by our drummer Dan, we wanted something powerful and human that would relay the idea that we all come from nothing and so shall return to nothing. Far from being a negative message it’s probably more symbolic of the part in between, how powerful life is but how it can be returned to ash in an instant. 

2. What is the concept and what does it mean to you and the band?

The imagery draws on the death of the grandfather of our singer Matt and our Guitarist Chris, so it’s a tribute in part to him and also a tribute to the power of life and the natural cycle associated with that, we're a band that draws heavily on personal experience. It’s as much about mourning loss as it is celebrating birth, so it means alot to the guys. 

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