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Behind The Artworks: Familiar Things - Fade Into Scenery (2018)

“We did our first photo shoot in November 2017 as we prepared to go public on social media and release our first single, "Okay, Then". We did a few shots in Marconi Park in South Philadelphia near my house. After we were done the shoot, and as we walked back to the house, we passed by an old building on the corner of my street.

Bebo stopped and asked our photographer Sam to take a picture of it from where we were, though he wasn't sure why he wanted to, but he knew he wanted it for something. Later, when thinking of names for our EP, we looked for some lyrics to our songs that would make good album names.

We always liked the line, "fade into the scenery" from 'First Times and Forced Rhymes', and when we revisited the photo of the building that we had took, and how the words from the old sign on the front were fading into the scenery in its own right, we knew that this was the photo that we had to use and the title to go along with it.

Truthfully, the title itself, nor the cover of the EP, have a great deal of semantic significance to our songs or our song-writing process on the whole, but we just knew that the gut instinct Bebo had that day to get that photo taken, and its perfect matching with the title that we wanted, was meaningful enough for us to make it our cover art of our debut EP.”

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