1. Symptom Conception: 

This is the intro to Sexually Transmitted Coma. It has flies swarming in the background and some thumping sound.

2. Sexually Transmitted Coma: 

This song was written to be an album opener. Steady build that leads into some faster riffs. Lyrically – it’s the inner monologue of a serial rapist.

3. Ripped from a Mother’s Mutilated Womb: 

Originally this song was titled Acid Bath. It was the third song that was written after our guitarist (Jason), joined the band. It was later renamed. Lyrically – it’s the inner monologue of a mother killer her child immediately after birth.

4. The 2016 Esoteric Model: 

This song was written, rewritten, abandoned for about half a year, gutted, and then revised a few times before finalization. Originally, it was called the D’jenty song because the ORIGINAL version had a lot more bounciness in the opening riff. There’s a story behind the finalized title and the lyrics. The story behind the lyrics is that only a few people will understand them. The story behind the title is that only a few people will understand why we chose 2016. Did we keep forgetting to pick up a new calendar? Maybe, but only a few people will know for sure.

5.Three Piece Flesh Suit:

Flesh suit is one of our heavier songs. This was the fourth song written for the album. It has plenty of builds and releases, and it probably has the heaviest slam out of the whole album. The title and the lyrical content are self-explanatory. The song is about a killer that wears their victim’s flesh as a suit.

6. Of Blood and Cum:

Originally this song was titled Engineers of Infliction. It was the second song that Jason wrote for the band. It was written back in early 2016. The song starts out slow and has a progressive build. It was purposely placed to follow Flesh Suit to give a dynamic release. The lyrics deal someone wishes for death because they feel their life is meaningless.

7. The Fine Art of Amputation:

Jason sent us a file titled “Jamz” back in 2015. That was when this song was born. The song’s title was changed to Mutilator, and then later renamed to The Fine Art of Amputation. It has plenty of speed and then switches to a tapping part at the end of the song.

8. Swamp of Intestines: 

Swamp was one of the songs that was one of the latter songs written for the album. A more stylistic approach was taken in the song which incorporated more noticeable dynamics. Plenty of build ups, speed, and it slows down at the end to give plenty of focus onto a solo.

9. Necrotizing Fasciitis: 

Interlude; build-up to Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment.

10. Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment:

This song starts off slow with a bass intro and then quickly picks up speed. Overall, this was our least favorite track on the album. We were unsure of whether it would make the final cut, but it grew on us over time.

11. Vermin Burial:

This song was written closer towards the beginning stages of recording the full length. It mostly focuses on a steady heaviness that has contorting time signature changes and nifty little shredder solo to kinda give it some spunk. The song finishes you off with a blistering beatdown that slows down. This song has more of the old school vibe from the last album; which was its general purpose. I’m pretty sure this song was only re-written twice.

12. Unspeakable Perversity:

Since this was the last song written for the album, it only made sense to make it the last song of the album. This was a song Jason sent us at the last second to finalize the writing process. This song has more of the elements and progression that we hope to bring with the next album.

It starts out strong with big chords and speedy chops on the fret board that gets the track grooving and ventures off into riff land shortly after. This track rounds out well; since it has a more traditional style ofbstructuring. Overall this song is a favorite of ours.

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