Track By Tracks: CENTAURO - Daño Colateral (2018)

1. Aberrante Creación (Aberrant Creation):

This song is a very intense opening for the album both musically and lyrically. It portraits the beginning of the devastating story of a life destined to defeat. A child who had the misfortune to be conceived as a result of a rape. This song narrates how the child's mother was raped, and how since he was conceived there was fear, hatred and perdition.

2. Extenuante Cometido (Strenous Duty):

In this song the child finds himself in a sad and difficult situation. He lives under a bridge and works in the streets, also he has the  responsibility of taking care of his little brother, also abandoned by an insensitive mother who abhors and hates them. In this song it is described how the child dreams of someone who offers him a place so that his little brother will not feel hungry or cold, where there will be no worries and he will be protected. The child suffers and is in anguish to give the best to his little brother and wonders if sleeping eternally would be the best option.

3. IDS (Acronym for Impotencia, Dolor y Soledad) - (Impotence, Pain and Solitude):

By a twist of fate and inclement circumstances, the little brother gets sick and dies. This makes the child suffer too much, since he tried everything and nothing could avoid this disastrous event. He gets mad at fate and life while feeling a great emptiness to be completely alone in that cold and harsh reality.

4. Al Pie Del Borde: (On The Edge):

After the loss of his little brother and the bitter experiences that life plays on him, the child feels that all of his efforts are in vain and he just want to throw everything away. There is nothing that can make him angry or something that can motivate him to fight for something in this miserable situation.

5. El Derecho Del Martir (The Right Of The Martyr):

After the bleak situation and the consequences of seeking an explanation or an answer for what happens in his life. The child begins to blame his situation on God. He feels that God should have helped him because he always struggled to get ahead, however, the result was always the opposite. He is looking for someone to be held accountable, but at the same time he also believes that God is not the cause of everything that happened to him. The child gets frustrated and tired of calling him and not finding an answer.

6. En Decadencia (In Decadence):

This song is an instrumental and it reflects the young man's deep sadness. The sharp and shrieking guitars will tear your ear apart just like the soul of someone who has lost everything and has no hope or consolation.

7. Sentencia De Muerte (Sentence Of Death):

By becoming a young adult, the dark side of life persuades him and out of necessity, he begins to commit crimes. The streak of bad luck continues and the young man is sent to prison where he is tried and sentenced to remain in the darkness. In that place life is just a game and there are people far more aggressive and violent than him. He rots inside in order to adapt and becomes what he never imagined.

8. Colmando Un Oscuro Vacío (Filling A Dark Void):

After his sentence and surviving the harsh conditions in prison, he goes out into the world as a grown man, but with a totally different perspective. He has no feelings, there is not a trace of that what once existed in that little child who worked very hard to give a better future to his younger brother. Feeling ruthless and looking for something that makes him recover all those emotions that once existed in him. Killing and deceiving right and left, a man transformed by tragedy seeks to fill the void that life caused to him.

9. Delirio Esquizofrénico (Schizophrenic Delirium):

After transforming into an evil and dangerous being, the man loses his temper and falls into an abyss of madness. Living and wandering through the streets without a home, alone with nothing or anyone to help him, he gets obsessed remembering all that he lived in his childhood, when he was a full of life and had a purpose. Piece by piece his mental health becomes atrophied and he only thinks that he has nothing left, that there is no point of return or an exit when absolutely everything has been lost.

10. Impulso Terminal (Terminal Impulse):

In lightning of sanity he realizes a way out for the madness of his insignificant existence and the man decides to take his own life. He says goodbye to this bitter world which mistreated him throughout his existence. A world of anxiety and dread in which pain and disillusionment are the only reality. The man assures that ending his life is the only way to end his torment. He takes a rope and put it on his neck, knowing that tomorrow no one will care that it he no longer lives.

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