Track By Tracks: PSYKOKONDRIAK - Machines (2018)

Psykokondriak is a six-piece rock'n roll, hip-hop band, offering a fusion of irresistible grooves, sing-along gimmicks, killer scratches and devastating flows. After almost 70 gigs defending their first album ‘Gloomy Days’, the band gets back on tracks in 2018. Psykokondriak are indeed back with their second record ‘Machines’, available on all digital platforms since April 30 th 2018 (the vinyl press is planned for May 9 th ).

“We’ve been working on our new album ‘Machines’ for quite a long time now, and it’s been an interesting journey, as we decided to emphasize our hip-hop facet. We’re known for our hip-hop, rock’n’roll sound, a fusion of genres really close to what was done in the 90’s. Our first album Gloomy days was in that vein, with heavy riffing, scratches and rap vocals. As “nu-metal” as this description could sound, we’re in fact way closer to the funk side of it, with bands such as The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Run DMC etc., among our influences. This new album was the occasion to stress our love for that music, try new approaches and test ourselves on a field we had never been onto before.

It took us a bit longer than we expected at first, because we’re meticulous, and because you don’t just decide you’re a beatmaker all of a sudden. We had to understand new logics of work, new equipment, and every one of us had to find a new place for himself. It was quite a challenge to be honest. We’re really proud of the result, as we were not sure at the beginning if all those efforts would lead to something decent to listen.

The struggle for us was to keep the band’s identity in a different sound: our live shows will remain the same energetic, exciting, stage-divish mayhem, with the same rock ‘n roll set-up we’ve always had.

We don’t want people to take this album as a musical shift, but rather see it as the second side of the same coin. You can hence expect a groovy and infectious rap-rock record, with neck-breaking beats, guitar solos, crazy vocal whims and over-the-top scratching. And you shouldn’t have a hard time acknowledging you’re into a Psykokondriak record.” reveals Clément. Stream now the band’s new album on Bandcamp!

1. Metropolis:

This scratched intro contains a sample from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis’ original score. It was the perfect entrance for this album as the theme from Lang’s movie is really close to what we developed on this album. It’s also a way to put DJ Stamiff in the light.

2. Psyko Waltz vol.2:

The second volume of Psykokondriak’s adventures chronicles (vol.1 one being on our previous album GLOOMY DAYS) This is the first song with vocals, one of the first we’ve written for this album. Lyrics deal with cultural life where we’re from, how hard is it to get yourself out of mercantile vision of it when you’re trying to elevate yourself through music. The track is also first video we shot off this album.

3. Kings of Rock:

This is an homage to Run DMC. We tried to create a beat close to their always-fresh-never-outdated rap/rock style, a kicked it hard. It focuses on the beginning of this line-up era of the band, with funny short stories about everyone. This song carries the second video, a really fun and exciting plan sequence made in a DIY spirit we’re really proud of.

4. Our Roaring 20's:

This is the tale of our worst hangovers. We live in the north of France, close to Belgium, where alcohol is as strong of a culture as unemployment is. We tried to show both sides of alcoholic consumption: the warm party and social bounding as well as the addiction it can be, with all the down sides of it: groovy nights, and nightmare mornings, likely to get its own video shot.

5. Rolling Stone Police:

This song is about cop violence, and precisely how it affects the youth. We see nearly every day now people getting hurt by the police, when it should be about solidarity and not leaving anyone behind. 

The two stories are true: MC Boy heard the first one on the radio, when MC Body lived the second one during a night walk in Roubaix. The last video to be expected.

For more information, please directly send an email to ! Find Psykokondriak on : Facebook – Twitter – Bandcamp – Youtube

6. Black Lesbian:

This song deals with corruption. We were kinda angry with the then-upcoming French presidential elections, where every major candidate had affairs in court. We’re so pissed off that the French system (institutions and medias) allow people that should be judged to get in position of power. The chorus was the occasion to show support for LGBT communities and fuck with racist bigots at the same time. Childish, yes.

7. Are you a Psyko?

Well… are you?

8. Skin and Bones:

This song is a curiosity in our discography as it is really personal and introspective. We’re not used to this, and never felt before that we could write a good song on such subjects. We’re probably getting old…

The song is about death and physical decline. We're losing people, and seeing loved ones weaken is really an ordeal. Facing the imminent death of people you care about is sometimes source of anger, against them, yourself, human condition etc. Shouting this anger in a song is probably the healthiest way we could find to deal with it, in order to be in peace with our loved ones before they go, because that's all that matters in the end.

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