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Track By Tracks: BARROS - More Humanity Please (2018)

1. My Everything:

It’s a story about perseverance, about love, trough good and bad.

2. Disconnect:

The main subject of this song is our dependence on technology and Social media.

3. My Kingdom for a day:

It’s a true story about a man who realized he had a limited time to live, so much to do so much to say he would give anything to have one more day.

4. Take me as I am:

Not everyone is the same, every single person is different, but it seems that the machine wants to make everyone the same, by that I mean the kids that want to be musicians believe that to do so they have to be on a talent show, so they become a product. “Take me as I am” is a statement to respect each artist in any art form for who they are and what they have to offer in their unique way.

5. Tearing us apart:

The relationship between someone you care about can sometimes reach a fine line of Love and Hate, and in the heat of the moment things can be said that are not what you really feel but a result of being angry at each other and can hurt and affect a relationship even after the dust settles down.

6. When it rains it pours:

Murphy's law where if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst way at the worst time and in a way that causes as much damage as possible.

7. Live before we die:

Life is like an arrow; it moves forward and never turns back. It’s about moving on and not carrying an excess of emotional baggage, things from the past and to have faith in the path you’re walking, to live each day as life is too short

8. A love that shines:

It’s about the hardships in life but never losing the most important thing: Love.

9. More Humanity please:

It’s about people losing connection with each other, the lack of empathy, the banality of violence in social media, the lack of values and morality that slowly crumbles down.

10. How does it feel:

It’s about one of the most powerful person in the world and probably the poorest and loneliest man on earth. Although he has everything he has nothing.

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