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Track By Tracks: Every Hour Kills - Fragile Machine (2018)

1. NumLock:

This was an old instrumental demo that we re-worked and added the vocals to. Jerrod (vocals) killed it as always and came up with some starkly poetic, dark lyrics about being human and the layers of meaning we imbue that with.

2. Aldebaran:

This one introduces our first guest performers - David Chunn (Vallite) on vocals in the verses and Renny Carroll (Flux Conduct) in the chorus, as well as Italian guitar wizard Daniele Gottardo laying down the shred. The lyrics have an uplifting and yearning vibe to go with the melodic choruses and groovy refrains.

3. Illusorian:

On this track we have Andrew Ivanschenko (Shokran) contributing vocals and lyrics along with Swedish viking Mattias IA Eklundh melting faces with the solo. I was so happy to once again convince some of my favorite musicians on Earth to contribute to this song. The lyrics speak about to some of the lies and illusions we tell ourselves in life.

4. Fragile Machine:

The title track was also the first song written for the EP, and I managed to convince the amazing Jonathan Thorpenberg (The Unguided) to contribute vocals and Andy James to lay down a solo on it. I wrote the lyrics on this one, it's somewhat of a 'Singularity Love Song' I wonder what will happen to love and other emotions when consciousness can be stored in a computer. In the end this one also has an uplifting resolution, that I would give up the sun to be with my love inside the machine.

5. Death Song:

This one is a reboot of a track I wrote for the Andy James - Psychic Transfusion EP a while back, I decided to reboot it with vocals and enlisted the beast Mark Haggblaad (Unveil the Strength) to sing on it, along with a mind-bending solo from Paul Wardingham. The song is a nice pissed-off send-off to the EP and finishes things out on a heavier and more technical note.

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