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Track By Tracks: Lords Of The Trident - Shadows From The Past (2018)

1. Death Dealer:

Inspired by the Diablo video game series, this song is about a demon that terrorizes a local village, capturing the townsfolk and dragging them down into the labyrinthian caverns beneath their town.

2. Zero Hour:

Set in a future where the world of virtual reality is as enticing (sometimes even more so) than the real world, there’s only one ironclad rule - you must disconnect from virtual reality before “Zero Hour” - the maximum time limit for connection. However, due to many factors - escapism, addiction, or a desire to push the limits - many have hit zero hour, resulting in their minds becoming permanently disconnected from their bodies. The user’s body dies, but what happens to the mind? Is it still trapped in the cyber world? The song is from the perspective of a person who recently lost his wife to zero hour. Haunted by the idea that she’s still trapped inside somewhere, he pushes himself closer and closer to zero hour. Is it worth living when your true love is lost? Is it worth the risk of death to see if there’s something beyond zero hour?

3. Tormentor:

A giant asteroid-mining robot ship, the “Tormentor” loses connection with the mainframe on Earth, and automatically plots a course back to its home, colliding and destroying anything in the way, including Earth itself.

4. Burn it Down (With Fire):

A story of a witch burning told from two perspectives - the first is from the perspective of the townspeople that find the witch, and the second from the witch herself. Although they begin to burn her at the stake, she uses her satanic powers to turn the flames upon the townspeople - their temples, their houses, and the children they’ve raised - until none are left alive.

5. Figaro:

(Part one of three) Inspired by the story of Final Fantasy 6, this song follows the internal dialogue of a warrior king. The war is over, the battle has been won, and the evil is vanquished - but at an incredibly high cost. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of his people have perished in the flames of war. Now, a banquet is to be held in his honor. How can he celebrate amongst all the life lost? What can he say to inspire those who’ve sacrificed so much? How can he accept the honor of king and leader when so many of his friends sacrificed more? Near the end of the song, the king addresses his people with an inspiring speech. The banquet begins…

6. The Party has Arrived:

(Part two of three) The banquet begins with food, drink, and music as a string quartet fills the hall with songs that exalt the king’s deeds. However, during the middle of one of the songs, brigands break into the hall…

7. Brothers of Cain:

(Part three of three) The brigands, dubbing themselves the “Brothers of Cain”, break into the banquet and hold the guest hostage. Robbing the guests (including the king himself!) of their valuables, they make their way under the cover of darkness to the king’s fastest galleon. There they set sail, and some say they’re still sailing the metal sea…

8. Reaper’s Hourglass:

A twist on the old parable of “Death at the Market”. Death comes for a man who is killed by an powerful, evil man, and in exchange for his everlasting soul Death grants him a limited amount of time left to right the wrongs and punish the sinners. Imbued with the power of the sand inside of Death’s hourglass, he is immortal - until the sands run out.

9. Chasing Shadows:

Loosely inspired by the game Shovel Knight, this song is a meditation on longing and loss. What happens when the shelter of another person’s love is lost? When they fall away from you like a shooting star? This song’s lyrics also inspired the title of the album.

10. The Nameless Tomb:

A lone rogue is paid handsomely to infiltrate a tomb lost to the ages. He must retrieve a legendary sword blessed with magic power in the middle of the tomb, but the way forward is heavily trapped. The lyrics of this song inspired the artwork on both the outside and inside of the album.

11. The Gatekeeper:

This song is an ode to all of the promoters - especially festival promoters - who broke their promises to us time and time again. Who would book us for a fest and then tell us “something came up”, or that they “lost our email”. The type of people who will stand by the old guard of ageing rock stars, never giving the newer bands a chance. We’ve got news for them - we’re still standing, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been, and we’re going to win.

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