Track By Tracks: NEUTRAL BOMBS - Pretend To Fly (2018)

1. Still Shout:
This is a protest song against blindly doing whatever society tells you to do; an anthem for those who will never give up. The world is full of unpredictable and negative events that can happen to anyone, generating confusion and despair in everybody’s lives. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice. If you fight, you might lose; if you don't, you have already lost.
2. No Attitude:
The song is an answer to everyone who claims to know how you should behave. We should just ignore opinions that are based on prejudice or divorced from reality. We think it is important to be ourselves and not to be influenced by the opinions of others. This can also be related to the idea of “punk attitude”.

3. Alive and Well:
A song about our relationship with live music. We cannot go a week without a concert. It does not matter if on the stage or under, all we need are punk rock shows!
4. Dancing in the Moonlinght:
Our first love song tells the story of a clandestine love; a love relegated to furtive meetings in hidden places. In the dark, under the moon, in short moments where everything seems perfect but is destined to last a short time. The song is an invitation to overcome one’s fears and express one's feelings freely out in the open.
5. Never:
On the surface, this is a sad love song, but this is open to interpretation. The background of the song is darkness and depression, but it nevertheless inspires you to keep moving forward and find a way out.
6. Exit:
Exit is about a very delicate subject, euthanasia.
The title is a clear reference to “EXIT”, a democratically organized society under Swiss law dedicated to the cause of human self-determination (euthanasia is legal in Switzerland). They will support you if you decide at some point to exercise your right to self-determination.
 7. Raise Your Glass (Not Your Phone):
This song encourages concertgoers to enjoy gigs instead of staying glued to their phones all the time, taking pictures and videos. Instead of videotaping one song, take four or five good pictures instead; this is not a problem. The real problem is that today, during concerts and festivals, you often see more phones than beers. There are people who spend the entire concert with their phone in their hands. This is not normal! It is very annoying for those standing behind you.
8. Fights:
Fights is a criticism against those (politicians included) who are unable to discuss problems without violence and cannot stomach a face-to-face conversation to solve their issues.

9. Pride:
The band wrote the track Pride, a song about LGBT rights, to coincide with the arrival of a Gay Pride parade in their hometown for the first time. This is a significant event for a small conservative city such as Lugano, and Neutral Bombs have welcomed it in a very positive way with the coming out of their lead singer.
10. Ship of Fools:
This is a classic working class song.
Sometimes work days can be difficult but in the evening everything is resolved with a good beer and nice music.

11. Wait Too Long:

A reflection on the passing of time and on lost opportunities. You only live once, or you only die once? Time flies but if you're still alive, you still have time to chase your dreams.

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