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Interviews: Vidres A La Sang

In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the  Metal band Vidres A La Sang from Spain. Check out the interview and this band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1.For those who don ́t you know you guys, could you describe Vidres A La Sang?

Hello Guys! Thanks for the interview and interest in our band! describe it a briefly way, Vidres a la Sang it's a sort of blackened death metal band from Catalonia (Spain), with a few progressive elements, and some classical heavy metal textures. We present ourselves always as a very personal band and hard to classify in the extreme metal scene.Vidres a la sang take it's lyrical concept in several aspects of the human condition, society reflections, and a lot of extreme emotions in a sort of poetic universe. We have been stopped for almost a decade and we come back with a new album that will be out before the end of the year.

2. Your music is tagged as "death metal/black metal, etc" has always been tagged like that?

Yes, it is the most simple way to name it but it is not easy to describe it in a short way, because we have a lot of musical influences out of this spectre, and they are reflected in a very subtile way in our music. But yes, most of all, people agrees that we mix the classical american death metal (Florida school) with the
black metal school from Norway. Those are the two biggest influences.

3. In this upcoming album are you going to continue with your sound or are you going to make some changes?

There have been several changes, but keeping very clear our musical identity. We have just enriched our sound adding and experiencing with new grooves on drums, some clean vocals, better compositions, structures and arrangements to keep our music fresher and renewed without renouncing to our style.

4. What more can you say about this upcoming album?

Well, this album, as all the bands say I guess, is the best work we have ever made. Very dinamic, with a great approach, very easy to listen, very complexe and rich at the same time. The best virtue of this work I would say that is a very entertaining album, not boring at all, very variated, and powerful.

5. Do you think that the metal scene have changed since you started the band?

Honestly a lot I think. But I don't follow very much the new trends in the metal scene. Maybe because there are no many bands that can surprise me, and I don't feel with the same passion to discover bands as when I was young, but I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of them. Actually, I listen to other kind of music like classical 70's rock, blues, pop classical music or wathever if it sounds good for me of course.

6. Are you planning to tour around Europe, Spain or so?

Not really. I don't feel with the energy to make a tour, I have a lot of other commitments to attend like my recording studio “the farm of sounds”, family, work, etc..but we will make some very selected shows to promotion the album that we will confirm as the new album will see the light.

7. Where will you like to play a show in this new Vidres A La Sang chapter?

As I said before, we would like to make a few but very well selected shows, in selected concert halls, and we are working on it. I hope soon to confirm some of them, maybe also a good festival..we will see, because it also depends to fix all the members calendar that have other commitments with other very active bands.

8. As a band what is the weirdest thing a fan ever asked you for?

I have to say that our fans are very normal people, and we are very proud of it. They know us well, and never happened something strange with that. People who come to a Vidres a la Sang show stay focused on music and it's message, and enjoy and let flow the energy singing our songs as part of the band.

9. Something to add?

It has been a tremendous pleasure to answer your questions! Thanks a lot for the interview and stay tuned for the upcoming album. There will be news very soon!

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