Track By Track: Black Water Chemistry - Return To Ashes (2018)

We talk to Matt Saunders, vocalist from UK Metallers Black Water Chemistry and he has given us this exclusive track by track insight to the band’s new EP ‘Return To Ashes’, which is out on 31 st August. Fore more on the band, visit -

1. Oracles:

Oracles is about stripping away the burden of criticism and realising that what we want to do is the right thing to do without worrying about opinion. It’s also about the empowerment of making creative choices and how we are all as people capable of being creative in our own unique way. Not just in music but in our daily lives the shedding of our willingness to do what others deem fit is a big theme on this record. We felt this was a good song to take into a video format as the themes could be subliminal but still make for good subject matter. You can watch the video for the track, here - .

2. The last iconoclasts:

This sets the stall out, we wanted to think actively about pushing our musical boundaries and this track is very focused on that. Lyrically driven by the notion of never being comfortable in doing what you know or what is easy musically. The drum sound was very important on this record and that comes to the fore here, we wanted a huge sound that was going to fill all the sonic space and that was achieved by sighting the guitars and drums at a sweet spot in the mix to create a big sound that continues through the record.

3. Masterstroke:

It may not be immediately obvious but social commentary is a large theme on this album and in many ways this track is the boldest embodiment of this concept, its arguably more simplistic and stripped back than the other tracks and showcases the power of a good driving riff. Masterstroke is about the predictability of the British political class, I think that’s enough of a reveal. Phil Smith who co-produced the record with Chris probably gives this a dualistic feel and you can feel the influence of both producers sonically on this track. From Chris’s more cutting edge Metalcore style to the signature punchy bass sound that Phil Smith always gets.

4. Return To ashes:

Return to ashes is the title track and it’s as much about rebirth as it is death, this is a theme through pretty much everything we’ve done as a band the cycle of energy and life, I suppose the message is one of awareness of mortality and the ability to change. Inspired by the loss of my Grandfather it’s been a cleansing process to create and I look at it as a positive song. We wanted the ending to have an impact and the interplay of guitars and bass throughout this song make it, the dynamic at the end is achieved utilising this interplay to create depth in the sound. Listen to a stream of the track, here -

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