Track By Tracks: PSYCHOSTICK - Do (2018)

1. We are a Band: 

On a scale from 0 to band, this song proves that we are pretty much a band. Josh flexes his compositional music-theory muscles, and Rob gets a phone call. Chunky quintuplet riffs, an orchestra, a choir, and coffee sips.        

2. You Can (Maybe) Do It:

If you're going to suck at life, you might as well own it. This song is a tuning we never have used before on an album before, where the bottom strings are tuned an octave from each other. Quite a fun tuning. Call your Mom, she misses you. 

3. Tuesday:     

How much "Tuesday" can you handle, bro? This song is fast past, has crushing riffs, catchy melodies, and it's about Tuesday. We promise that by the end of the song, you will be convinced that the song is about Tuesday.        

4. Adulting:

We released this one with a music video last year. This is a celebration in scumbaggery. Responsibility is for losers. A nice touch is the "alarm clock" riff at the beginning, lots of fun riffage on this one.           

5. From the Heart:

We put out a music video this one recently. It is one of the prettiest songs we've ever written. Also the most mean-spirited. It has some of my favorite vocal harmony work we've done. Complete with overdramatic French horns and orchestra.        

6. Do:

Clearly a lot of thought went into this song. Somehow it ended up being the title track. I'm still not sure how that happened.

7. Got_no_breaks_demo.Wav: 

Part one of a skit series on this album. This track has an impressively stupid and pointless argument about boats.           

8. Introvert Party Time:

An anthem for the antisocial. Either you don't like being around people and will appreciate this song, or you know someone who hates being around people and will appreciate this song. INTROVERTS UNITE!        

9. Thinkin' With Yer Dick: 

CAUTION: PENISES DO NOT MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. This catchy tune will remind you of your terrible life choices.        

10. Uncle Material:

There are those that are excited about the prospect of having babies, then there are those that aren't. Guess which category we fall into?

11. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on Toast W / Sriracha:   

This has been Matty's breakfast of choice for several years now. He was always singing this song while making it. Now it has a music video and is on an album. I sincerely doubt that was his intention when he was singing his love for this delicious breakfast sandwich.

12. Uhhhnngg:     

This one is for the ladies. It's a panty-dropper.

13. Stream Stutter:

It´s a small track, so nothing to say here.

14. Got_no_breaks_mix_Ver3.Wav:   

Part 2 of the skit series on this album. We get experimental, and break down musical boundaries, and annoy an unappreciative Rob in the process.

15. Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants):

Trade your dignity for comfort. Dignity is overrated. Some of my favorite riffage is on this song.         

16. Keys: 

Alex: "Hey Josh, I challenge you to write a reggae song!" Josh: "......okay, sure."        

17. Gurrrrrr:

The secret to an muddy and mediocre metal sound is to over-scoop the mids, and have the singer cup the mic for extra unintelligibility.        

18. Moving Day:

No one likes moving... ever. This song is an emotional rollercoaster. Fun fact: We actually put a hole in our door moving a couch downstairs. I'm really happy with how the mix turned out on this one.

19. Rent In Peace:

I'm really surprised how strong this one ended up hitting the feels. I mean, the song definitely has a bunch of stupid parts, but underneath it.... it really is pretty depressing if you grew up going to Blockbuster. One of my personal favorite songs on the album, it's one I think needed to be written.        

20. Got_no_breaks_finalmix_03_final07.Wav:

Part 3 of the skit series, where it all comes together. Sortof.

21. Outtakes: Episode V: Outtakes Strike Back:

It's always been a tradition on Psychostick albums to do outtakes from different songs on the album. There's some really good ones on this album

22. Flop:

So there's a line in "Introvert Party Time" that inspired this song. Matty programmed the electronics, and Rob gets fishy with the rhymes. 

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