Behind The Artwork: F.U.A - Socially Transmitted Disease (2018)

What you see here is a girl consumed by computers and smartphones. It's the current generation of teens and people in general. Everyone is absolutely consumed by digital media and everything you do is being regulated. We have dug a digital grave for ourselves. And it's sad to see such a beautifull young women being consumed by media. People looking for attention and likes, putting naked photo's or teasing themselves just so they have more and more attention. It's sad to see the world in this state. 

And the thing is we use it social media and smartphones ourselves too and while we like to keep in contact with our fans and use it to promote ourselves, we notice that on a private level, human contact is getting less and less real. So in our album name we just wanted to give a little message. We're not activists but we do like to give people something to think about. In the cover photo there are ornaments which are connected to each song. So for example for the song Cheers, we put beer cans in the photo. There even is a condom underneath the chair for the song S.T.D. So yeah we like to play with the images. In the booklet of the album you will find the object we used for every song.

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