Behind The Artwork: SIDE EFFECTS - Descending Rabbit Holes (2018)

“The front cover of the upcoming Side Effects album was designed by Zorislav Knezevic Zock.

I saw some of Zock's previous works and decided he was the guy to call to create the cover for the new Side Effects album Descending Rabbit Holes. When he sent the first version of the cover I was absolutely stunned with the amount of details and the meticulous work he has put into making this photo manipulation look so real. The tiny birds flying over the waterfalls draining down the rabbit hole in the center of the room, the Lilliputian street lamp lighting the path to the indoor forest with its tall trees blending into the wallpaper, I can almost hear the sound of birds squawking mixed with the keystrokes of the typewriter and smell the burnt paraffin wax candle in the woods.

And is it just me or do those miniature fjords actually resemble a sofa?
I absolutely love it!

I’ve always been a fan of surreal art, so I’m very happy that was the route Zock decided to take.”

Here’s what Zock himself has to say about the cover: “When Ivan approached me with the idea for the cover, related to the lyrics of the song Lint, a Swedish photographer Erik Johansson crossed my mind immediately. I've been following his work since I started learning about photomanipulation. Although I got some directions from Ivan, I still had a “blank page" in front of me. I didn't know where to start and where to go. Luckily, I came across an article about Suzanne Moxhay, an award-winning British artist with extraordinary skills in "matte painting" photomontages.

I chose the elements for the cover by sifting through several thousand photos and choosing the appropriate elements to create the surreal room landscape. I spent most of my time on color grading and shadowing, and in some instances couldn't avoid digital painting either. Let's not forget the packaging design also has a 16-page booklet and a few more graphic solutions. It's definitely one of the most challenging projects I’ve done this year.”

To follow Zock’s work or contact him, go to

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