Behind The Artworks: The CASTOR TROYS - Legends Never Die (2018)

During our time in studio, we had discussed all kinds of photo possibilities for the album's cover. It was always intended to be a striking photo. Ultimately, with no single concept bowling us over, it was back to square one. Our songs on this release are full speed ahead, and we needed artwork that conveyed this in an instant.

Enter: Death Racer. I found this piece by Tennessee illustrator, Derrick Castle (@strawcastle on Instagram). It grabbed me immediately, invoking memories of KMFDM, Pennywise, and Faith No More album jackets. It was intense, colourful, and maniacal - in short, it was everything we had been seeking.

Castle explains, "It was partly inspired by exploitation pics of the early 70's. The car itself is based on the 1970 Dodge Challenger. A notable movie featuring that model is Vanishing Point, which I am a fan of. This classic muscle car was also brought into modern pop culture with a feature in Tarantino’s grindhouse flick, Deathproof. Obviously, Tarantino was also fan of Vanishing Point because a good portion of the movie references it.”

I can’t imagine this album with any other layout. We were so excited when Derrick agreed to work with us. We can’t wait to get a copy in his hands…and on our walls.

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