Behind The Artworks: EVERYONE AND ANYONE - Anything Worth Having (2018)

The artwork for ‘Anything Worth Having’ was created by Dan Allen. I was drawn (pun 100% intended) to his work because I loved his use of colour and his style in general. Lyrically the record is all about remaining positive in the face of adversity which has been a running theme for this band since it’s inception so we wanted the artwork to tie in with this. I went to Dan with our idea for the dinosaur and meteor for the cover art and he brought his own distinctive style to it and we’re more than happy with the final result. The artwork shows a dinosaur chilling on a deck chair whilst imminent death comes his way in the form of a toasty warm meteor but as you can see he doesn’t really give a shit. He’s rocking dual cocktails and his favourite Hawaiian shirt and he’s gonna go out in style. The artwork means a lot to us because things can suck sometimes but if you roll with the punches and look for the silver lining you can still have the best time.

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