Behind The Artworks: Karmic Link - Dark Metropolis (2018)

’The artwork was created by Stathis Ridis (bassist at Lucifer’s Child) on a concept idea by Stathis Kassios.

You might wonder..How is the title of the album ‘’Dark Metropolis’’ related to the cover artwork depicting a dark female figure?

Karmic Link (est. 2006) since birth of our band always wanted to provoke intense emotional and mental reactions enhanced with esoteric meanings and hermetic symbolisms.

Our society is heading towards a state where advanced AI machines will hardly be discerned from humans, the exponential growth of technology will surpass our linear biological evolution, what many researchers call the age of Singularity.

The cover artwork can be interpreted in many ways by our fans: the Devil in female form who is ruling the Earth and the futuristic metropolis from a religious standpoint. In the near future, a female entity as another advanced Android machine with perfect skin, thoughts and emotions and rational decision systems, is living among ordinary people and citizens, while plotting a revolution against humans and their fragile systems because she believes our civilization is not progressing and has fatally failed. Philosophically, the female model on the cover can also symbolize the birth of new life, a new era in our human history where confusion and chaos is absorbed and defined in our consciousness as a ‘’normal’’ situation. We invite you to place your own interpretations! Karmic Link is an open invitation on art, society, technology and mysticism!’’

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