Behind The Artworks: Sibling Of Us - Gargantua (2018)

Brit trio SIBLINGS OF US are making a potent statement with their brand new track, A Gang Called Wonder - . The cut is taken from the band's genre bending new EP, Gargantua, which hits all outlets on 2nd November, via RetroSynth Records. We asked the band to tell us about their interesting EP Artwork.....

1. Who designed the artwork?

We own an audio / visual design company when we aren't being in Siblings. This vision was captured by Zack Reed one of the Directors at Zack also designed our last e.p 'Who Are We Anymore' and edited all of our videos.

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

Innocence, wondering and choosing paths throughout life. We wanted a Stranger Things feel to the design with our outake on it. The e.p title 'Gargantua' is named after a fictional giant and the tracks are based on characters. The artwork represents the gigantic decisions and paths someone chooses to become those people we talk about in our music.

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