Track By Track: North Of South - New Latitudes (2018)

1. The Human Equation:

The first song of the first album is a necessary presentation card. In some way, this tune concentrates every side of “North of South”. You have some fast, heavy and aggressive moments, melodic and acoustic passages, clean and growling vocals, a remarkable Flamenco-inspired part, some piano’s prominence,… This track is North of South in a nutshell.

Lyrically, it talks about life’s contradictions, the complexity of interacting with the world and the fact that it’s necessary to go through bad moments to give real value to the good ones. It was chosen as the first single.

2. Nobody knows:

It represents the poppiest and most accesible side of “North of South”. However, it includes some dark passages, emphasized with the use of string instruments.

The story revolves around our secrets and how they define our identity. In same way, what we hide from the eyes of the others is what tells more about us and our personality. It’s a very real me unknown to people around us.
This track is the second single from “New Latitudes” album.

3. Balanced Paradox: 

It’s a song full of rich details. You have some jazzy chords in the chorus. You have a very powerful symphonic part in the middle of the track. And one important feature: you’ll find an evocative Spanish sung part on it.

Regarding the lyrics, it opposes the greatness of the human condition and all its potential to the invincible and unmanageable infinity of the Universe. We can do such great and sophisticated things, but we are so small comparing Universe…
Human progress throughout history is something prodigious, but, after all, we’re just a blink of an eye in cosmic terms.

4. Before we die: 

It begins with an acoustic intro that links to a mid-tempo part. Arguably, it is the slowest song of the entire album. It also includes some jazzy atonal chords. Its chorus is very intense, epic and full of keyboards.

This tune brings some enigmatic verses and obscure metaphors, but, deep inside, contains a message about enjoying the moment.

5. Crystal Waters: 

This songs is a kind of break in the middle of the album, an instrumental track that, in my opinion, has some Joe Satriani’s vibe/inspiration, not in the shredding mode, but in the melodic sense.

6. There’s no glamour in death: 

It restores the speed with the most positive and optimistic song of “New Latitudes”. It begins with a Santana’s influenced solo that anticipates the groovy and Latin feel of the track. The use of clean guitars and a main role piano, added to the substance of the lyrics, give this song a very inspirational touch.

This song is my personal hymn to life. Personally, I find a bit foolish all this cult to death that is so widespread in Metal. There’s so many people saying out there that death is sooooo cool. Well… Let me say you something… Death is a great subject from a metaphorical, literary point of view, but, when it is truly near you and looks you in the eye in real life, you realize that death definitely sucks.

7. Time will tell:

This one can be seen as the most standard metal track in “New Latitudes”. The main riff and the use of modern synths give this song a Melodeath halo in the vein of Soilwork and In Flames style, but without growling vocals.

I love the synth solo and also the blastbeat part. It talks about the trascendence of remaining true to oneself.

8. Faith is not hope:

The most epic track of the album. It starts with a very atmospheric part with an arpeggiated clean guitar mixed with a music box. Then comes the main riff that provides some traditional Heavy Metal spirit to the song.

It includes one of the best choruses of “New Latitudes”, very catchy, sing-along and epic, with its piano metal proposal.

Its lyrics are dedicated to merchants of faith and the irrationality of every religion. Life, Universe, reality… they’re so extraordinary, so magic, so full of surprises that I cannot understand those bitter people that need to fantasize with an imaginary afterlife for having a reason to live.

Freedom of thought and action is one of our most valueble attributes, so why we should prefer to live inside an imaginary prison?

9. Montreux: 

The album finishes with this second instrumental track. I liked the idea of ending with a calm, smooth, relaxing tune.

There is a marked jazzy feeling in this songs and a kind of dialogue between guitar and piano.

Listening to the whole album has been an intense voyage towards “New latitudes”. Well… You’ll find something atmospheric and evocative at the end of the journey.

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