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Track By Tracks: Aeolian - Silent Witness (2018)

1. Immensity:

The opening song of the album talks about the pollution of the oceans and the micro plastic problem. Tons of rubbish ends up in the sea, killing important marine fauna and is introduced into the food chain again.

2. The End of Ice:

This song describes the journey of an iceberg after it’s ripped from the big ice block, until it melts on its way towards the south.

3. Chimera:

There are only a few places in the whole wide world where nature is safe from humanity. One of them is the abyssal sea floor, full of strange species, like for example the ghost shark, also known as chimera of the sea.

4. My Stripes in Sadness:

A tiger lives in his natural habitat, running around, hunting and enjoying nature, when a poacher shoots him with a dart. When he wakes up in a small cold cage surrounded by walls, iron and ropes, he becomes furious and aggressive.

5. Return of the Wolf King:

This is a real story, which took place in the Yellowstone natural reserve during the last century, and talks about the disastrous culling of wolves. This mistaken action broke the equilibrium of the ecosystem, changing even the course of rivers. Fortunately, once the wolves were introduced back again, the ecosystem returned to normal.

6. Going to Extinction:

Deforestation, fertilizers and farmers livestock, greenhouse gases and many other threats are leading us to extinction. Meanwhile, we are fighting each other ignoring the most important thing: the Earth is dying. But we all act like there is nothing to fix.

7. Elysium:

The Aurora Borealis is a fascinating gift of nature. Nowadays we know and understand the scientific meaning of it, but in the past people believed that it was something magical sent by the Gods.

8. Wardens of the Sea:

Nature wakes up the monsters buried in the sea. When nature arises against the human waste, those monsters will come to entomb us in the deepest chasm. We will not be here forever, but nature is eternal.

9. The Awakening:

This short intro is about the fury of nature when humanity ignores it.

10. Black Storm:

There’s no sun, shining lights on the sky, heavy rain is falling down and you can listen to the thunder. The song describes a great storm and how you can’t escape it.

11. Witness:

A bird is a witness of the greatness of the earth while he is flying over its landscapes. He remembers how different the life was centuries ago, before humanity began destroying the world.

12. Oryx:

The lyrics are about desertification this time. Deserts are expanding toward the
fertile lands while we are worried about our own reality, until finally there’s noturning back. The whole world turns into a big desert, and most of life disappears.

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