Track By Tracks: Edward De Rosa - Zeitgeist (2018)

1. Tempus Fugit:

Short cinematic intro with an adventurous atmosphere.

2. Legend - The Omega Man:

Power metal open track inspired by the novel by Richard Matheson "I am a legend". A man left completely alone is forced to fight against creatures that try to eliminate him being the last one left of his kind. The protagonist will understand, after having fought alone with all his strength, that in this new world he is the intruder.

3. The Sleep Of Reason:

Taking inspiration from the title of the picture of Goya "the sleep of reason generates monsters" the song explains the ability we have to put ourselves in a position to improve our lives with our strength, preventing our minds from creating those monsters that prevent the achievement of our goals.

4. Replicants:

First instrumental song of the album. The title is inspired by the famous Ridley Scott film Blade Runner.

5. Ghost Of The Ruins:

The longest song on the album, inspired by a dream. A man wanders through a gloomy forest, hearing himself called by a voice that echoes in his head. He arrives near some ruins where he appears a monstrous and sinister figure that will envelop him in a circle of fire preventing him from escaping. A dreamlike vision of how man sometimes consciously wants to remember some places or events of his past even if they hurt, following their ghosts that continue to call them.

6. Burning Skies:

Is a tribute to the classic sci-fi stories of A.E. Van Vogt. In the distant future the last men who have been able to colonize space try to form a new empire by making the same mistakes that have been made on earth. The song focuses on the war of some separatists who dream of a new world where they can start again as free men.

7. Tywysoges:

Celtic ballad. Is the only duet of the album with Giacomo Voli and Virginia Pavone as special guest. Story tells of a knight forced to separate from his beloved woman. Finding himself in two separate worlds, the knight decides that the only way to reach his princess is to sell his soul to become a winged creature and reach her even though he knows that he will not be able to go back human.

8. Rebellion:

It is inspired by the story "I Robot" by Eando Binder. In the future, a robot begins to experience human emotions in a world where humans have become hybrids with machines. The paradoxical figure of this robot takes over, rebelling against a humanity that no longer has anything human.

9. Fight For Life:

Second instrumental song with a folk metal sound. The song is dedicated to a beloved missing person who fought a bad evil. Everything is summarized in the title, in the epic atmosphere and in a small declamation sung as a battle in a fantasy world.

10. Cybersteria:

It's the fastest track on the album. Riff tending to thrash metal and is a real social complaint against the negative abuse of social networks. A denunciation of alienation, cyber-bullying and the enormous amount of time and life that sometimes steals us.

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