Track By Tracks: Fractal Cypher - Prelude To An Impending Outcome (2018)

1. Coming Back To Life:

The opening track. This is the « power ballad » of the album. The vocals are highlighted and the melodies overall are taking a lot of place in this song. The first half of the song is really emotional, there’s an important relation between the lyrics and the music in this part. The second half of the song turns out in an instrumental and progressive part followed by an outstanding solo section. The song ends up with a guitar solo full of feel and emotion.

2. The Grandeur Of It All:

« rock n roll » and « bluesy » vibe. This song is really more energetic and straight forward, with back beats on drums, rock n roll riffs on guitars and catchy chorus and verse. « lets have fun » is the mood of this song. The vocal lines are shining a lot once again in this track. There’s an interesting solo section with a lot of shred to keep it energetic. The solo section ends up with a cool exchange between keys and guitar.   

3. From The Above And To The Stars:

The heaviest song of the record with lots of heavy guitar riffs. This one has a Djenty vibe that is quite obvious all along the song. This track is influenced a bit on what we did before on « The Human Paradox » in term of the balance between heavy riffs and melodies. The main topic of the lyrics is about sci-fi stuff, talking about the possibilities of the existence of another civilisation in the universe. The music relates the lyrics in term of chords choices and sonorities.

4. Red Lady:

This track reflects the jazz influence of the band, but in a really more obvious and different way that we used to do in the past. This song has a really progressive side in term of the song structure, dynamics and tempo change.
From smooth to aggressive, from funky to jazzy, this song evolves in a really surprising way and offers a real « roller coaster » effect to the listener. Still, the melodic and catchy aspect is really dominant all along the track. There’s an important relation between the lyrics and the music in this one, the way the music evolves in the dynamics and tempo change relate the story and the meaning of the lyrics.

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