Track By Tracks: F.U.A - Socially Transmitted Disease (2018)

1. Cheers:

This is a song about having a good night. A night of fun and drinking beers! To live in the moment! It's a message we want you to share at our shows. Come enjoy and don't think about what others would think of you. We wrote this song in a few minutes as it is totally what we do when we have a gig.

2. Blind:

Blind is a song about the government. The left and right politicians keep argueing, people keep complaining and it's all keeping us blind. Cause whatever we decide as the people, the government will do whatever they want anyway. But even all those politicans are blind. The thing that is important is that you life a good life. Help others and make it better for everyone. Cause all we ever need is being healthy, friends and family. Those are the important things. So many people decide to not look at those things and decide on materialistic crap to make them happy. So many eyes but they are all blind.

3. M.O.U.S:

This one has a special meaning for us. It's about having to make a choice that you know will eventually hurt someone. But you know you will have to make this decision otherwise it will hurt even more. Almost like a big upcoming storm that is going to hit you and you can't get away from it. In our personal experience as a band sometimes we have to make hard decisions that are very difficult for us. See we wanted to make this album a succes and we had to ask friends to leave the band just because their skills weren't good enough. We love those people to death, but to disappoint a friend is horrible. 

4. Blame it on the weed:

A warning against marihuana addiction and how it destroys lives! (...)  No, just kidding haha! It's about a person who fucks their life up and decides to blame it on weed. Eventually she comes to terms that it was just her own fault and not marihuana's. Cause marihuana does not destroy lives! Weak willed people destroy themselves and blame it on anything and anyone but themselves.

5. Fake:

This song is about a couple who are having a really tough time. The relationship is about to be destroyed by the use of hard drugs. The woman in the relationship does not recognize her partner anymore. He's is not himself anymore, he's fake. The drugs have taken control over him and are destroying his life. All the woman can do is watching everything crumble down into a dark abyss. 

6. Make Punk Great Again:

This one is a protest against filthy rich people who only seek power over others. We  and show that we don't longer take their lies. See they decide what's best for us, but when they fuck up they blame the people and everyone and everything but themselves. We have grown tired of all these excuses and also the punk scene wich is at an all time low. See everybody speaks out against the leader of  We will make punk great again!

7. Hey, Hello:

Have you ever felt overburdened by your cellphone. The fucking thing is just going on and on and on. And then it's your boss who wants you to work more and you don't have anytime to do the things you want to do. 

8. Love You:

If you have ever been in love/hate relationship this one is for you. Want to kill your partner sometimes? This one is for you! This is one of the oldest songs on the album cause it was one of the first songs we wrote. It's entirely been written by our singer Daphne and her personal experience of a destructive relationship.

9. Riot:

A story about a young women who wants to break out of society and break her daily slur. She feels like she is getting further and further away from her true self. Sometimes you need to release some steam! Sometimes you want to start a riot, drink alot and break out!

10. I want to hit you in the face:

This is more of like a punch in the face to the world, it's about anarchy, about not listening to the lies they feed to you on your tv everyday. This applies to the news you read on your smartphones as well. We are a whole generation of wasted potential finally standing up and fighting for our lives. We urge you all to stand up against this declining world. Punch it in the face!  

11. Fuck You Anyway:

This is about doing whatever the hell you want and if people complain? Fuck them! See sometimes you just need to do your own thing. But when some old asshole comes along and starts complaining about your way of life, you need give him the bird. See we live in a first world country and we do not have problems of hunger and other essential survival things. So people keep complaining about smaller and smaller stuff. Until you get this absolutely disgusting political correctness bullshit. Cause remember ''Political correctness is facism pretending to be manners.'' This song is us putting our middle fingers up and living our lifes the way we damn well please. The only thing we don't condone about this is driving while under influence of alcohol. 

12. S.T.D.:

A girl is seduced by a rockstar to a night between the sheets. Unknowingly to the girl, the guy has an S.T.D. and keeps his mouth shut. This does not sit well with our protagonist who buys a gun hunts him down and kills him. Turns out that she also is pregnant and she just killed the father of her child. The moral of this story is, just have safe sex it's not worth it if you don't. 

13. Wankers in Blue:

A song against the man who irritates you, the man who bosses you around and thinks he's better than you. Talking about personal experiences these type of people mostly wear blue. Like most of the authorities do. 

14. Psychotic:

If you ever had a psychosis it can be very frightening. This song deals with the effects of psychosis and hearing voices in your head. Never trust them, even when they promise you the best things in the world. This song is also a bit more complex than the other songs. It's not really a punk song, but that is because as a band we like to experiment with all kinds of punk/metal. 

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