Track by Tracks: Karmic Link - Dark Metropolis (2018)

1. Random Phantom  is the intro track of the album inspired by Schrödinger's Cat which is a trilogy of novels by writer Robert Anton Wilson where dramatic characters strive with quantum probability theories and events, just like in real life.

2. Dark Metropolis track which is also the name of the album, expresses intense dystopian feelings of psychological asphyxia triggered by worldwide phenomena and events that occur in the modern metropolis, in a not so distant future where technology and humans have merged (the Singularity) redefining the established social structures and creating a dark future society.

3. The Tone Of C is a song with an allegorical title and can be interpreted again through various meanings. The music note ‘’C’’ or the first letter in the word Christmas. Many people periodically experience these moments in life when everything looks bright on the outside and humans suffer on the inside vehemently hiding their true thoughts and intentions. Lost esoteric balance expressed in our external environment through  anger, dissonance, cold feelings, lies, everything negative and shitty dressed with industrial punk music to liberate us from our personal demons.

4. False Spots On The Highway track is the dark emotional side of Karmic Link approaching life’s events in a peculiar own personal way not easily understood by close people surrounding you (relationships, family, friends). It is common for people when they feel certain, sure and secure about a certain path, life laughs at you when you sleep and abruptly wake up to a different reality (multiple universes) the next day without knowing how to react. Like driving on a highway with your route and GPS properly set without giving notice to minor spots than can drive you away from your initial plans and destination.

5. Your Fire Will Burn For Centuries pays honor and tribute to the great dark Philosopher Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600) and his heretic theories who drove him to be tested by the Roman Inquisition and be damned eternally.

6. RiaMa is the first Karmic Link track ever to perform/record/use a real grand piano and is simply dedicated to a person I love(d). The title is an allegory again for exploration or pure aural enjoyment without investing too much thinking. You decide. This piano instrumental piece also hides some didgeridoo sounds to remind our listeners that we are a band located in the crossroads between the West and Eastern civilization and heavily influenced by both cultures.

7. Endless track is inspired by the movie ''The Revenant'' (2015), the new surrealistic audio piece explores the darkest corners of a man's soul when it is filled with grievance and the thoughts of vengeance. Vengeance as an action is met throughout the aeons of human history and has been approached and analysed in a multitude of ways from religions, judicial systems, ancient tribes, modern states and philosophers of ethics.

8. Lost Magic Alchemy is a song which pays honors to the Alchemists of the past who tried to intervene, alter, enhance the laws of nature. Alchemy is revisited by modern science as regards to scientific thinking and methodologies. Analog relationships are pure alchemy, elements fit or don’t fit and sometimes dissolve into nothingness leaving the Alchemist lost in his manuscripts...

9. Nostalgia is a song that closes Dark Metropolis album with pure nostalgic feelings for everything good that we experienced as humans in our personal past, the end but also the start of our present metamorphosis in eternal circles.

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