Track By Tracks: MANAM - Rebirth Of Consciousness (2018)

Fallen Leaves is the intro of the album, it's an instrumental opening which leads the listener in the right mood to listen to the album.

Supernova is the first full band track of the album: it talks about the arrival of the aliens, all told in a dreamy way, as if the person who's seeing the aliens' coming was living a dream. It's a very direct song, with a catchy, epic chorus and a power metal vibe.

Atman Denied talks from the aliens' perspective: they just landed on planet Earth and seek for animals that are compatible with their goal, creating slaves that work for them. It's kind of a long song and it's really heavy, and develops around the slavery in which the new-born humanity has fallen. In the end, some humans try to rebel, but they're too few and perish. This song also contains a reflection about obedience: we always want to be free, but if we go deeply into it, we like to have someone telling us what to do, because it frees us from taking responsibility for our actions.

Innerdemon is a mid tempo track, and it doesn't actually talk about the main story, but it stops it to explore our relationship with our dark side. Everyone has some vices, perversions, bad thoughts, and the song talks about a person who tries to ignore them but, unavoidably, ends up going mad and facing them against her/his will. Musically this song is really melodic, with a huge work on both guitar and vocal harmonies.

Revelation is kind of a complex song, always evolving from the beginning to the end. It talks about humans realizing their own powers and developing consciousness: now they are ready to set free from their masters. Also, Revelation talks about the awakening of 6th and 7th chakras, which are the energy centers concerning mental and spiritual development. The clean vocals, as in all the album, represent humans, while the growl in the chorus represents the aliens, who realize they're going to lose their slaves. The track ends with a beautiful choir which highlights the awakening of the chakras.

Total War is the most descriptive song of the album: it talks about the inevitable war between the Gods (the aliens with all their powers and technology) and humans, who are way more than the aliens and now realize it. It's the heaviest song of the album, with almost only growling vocals and a low guitar tuning. This song reminds of a Trivium vibe in some moments.

A Raw Awakening is the ''ballad'' of the album. It starts very slow to express the desolation after the war, and it wonders if the victory of humans is worth all the deaths occurred during the battle. It also talks about the feeling of solitude, a constant in everyone's life. Musically, the song starts really slow, increasing the power and energy as the song keeps going, ending up in a Wintersun-style powerful ending.

Anam focuses on the psychological side of the concept: destroyed by the war, having lost every reference, the protagonist has to face a mental breakdown, but he finds the light and this will lead to a new spiritual development, which is becoming Anam, which means without any limitation, totally free. It's a fast power metal song with an intense use of acoustic guitars as a tool to expand the sound. In the middle, there's a long neo-classical guitar solo which leads to the epic ending.

Sahara is the closing track of the album, and it talks about finding peace through the contemplation of death. It's an eclectic song, with lots of dynamics and different moments, and it's the only song with some keyboards in the beginning and in the end, to emphasize that this song is different from the others. The growling vocals mean a slight return of human demons, and suggest that maybe everything was already planned by the aliens, and humanity is still under their control. Is it true or false? Everyone should find her/his own answer!

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