Track By Tracks: ROSSLYN - Soul In Sanctuary (2018)

About the Soul in Sanctuary lyrics:
In general, two main themes in the lyrics stand out: medieval plots (kings, knights, clergy...) and literary stories:
1. Legacy of the Battler:
That song talks about Alfonso I, so-called "the Battler" (1073-1134), fourth king of the kingdom of Aragón. He greatly influenced the history of the land of which we belong, Aragón.
2. The Chapel: 
In this one we refer to the chapel of Rosslyn, in Scotland, which names the band. We make reference to all the mysticism and legends that surround this chapel (the search of the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, the time travelers...)
3. Day of Eternal Faith:
This is a personal point of view of what could have been the end of the world in the medieval age. The recited intro is taken from the Bible (John 3:19).
4. The Pilgrim's Progress:
That track is based on the homonymous novel by John Bunyan, from 1678. It relates the journey of Christian through the difficulties of his life seeking salvation.
5. The North Remembers (A Red Wedding): 
This song talks about the mythical plot of the Red Wedding, fragment of A Song of Ice And Fire written by George R.R. Martin.
6. Path of the Saint:
This track is a great metaphor in honor of J. Tejón, a friend of the band.
7. Weirdmageddon:
In this one we pay tribute to Alex Hirsch's series Gravity Falls, telling the end of times as narrated in the chapter "Weirmageddon".
8. The Insect God:
This song is based on the homonymous poem by Edward Gorey, in which a poor girl named Millecent is kidnapped and sacrificed to the Insect God.

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