Track By Tracks: Those Who Bring the Torture - Pain Offerings (2018)

1. The Hangman And The Hanged:

I wanted to start with an epic yet really heavy and mighty song, and I think this one has it all. and the chorus I love also, its melodic yet very heavy.

2. Another Victim Of Insanity:

Time for some faster stuff as the second track on the album, and I love this song. Its aggressive yet contains the catchy feel still.

3. Reality - Worst Show Ever:

Again time for some epicness, or atleast more catchy death metal, the title talks for itself also.

4. Endquester:

This is one of my fave songs, in your face and then chugging away like a chainsaw. I try to have good choruses in all my songs and I like this one very much in that way.

5. Mental Meltdown:

A bit of a similar song to the third one, atleast in the feeling I think. Its basic groove and heaviness and yet midpaced speed, and never too slow.

6. Pain Offerings:

A slightly groovier song, much like some Hypocrisy stuff from their mid to late 90s. The mix of melody and heaviness and a groove that drives the song ahead.

7. Enter The Damned:

A fast one again, and also a fave song. Its total in your fucken face death metal in the way I like it, not technical in any way and not too dark, just a good song with some aggression in it.

8. Onwards To Termination:

A more epic song, and one of the harmonies at the start of the song is played by Jonny ffrom Wombbath and Just Before Dawn. As the last real songs on the album its a great one too.

9. Interlude Before The End:

What can i say? I wanted the album to end with sort of a dreamy track, a mighty yet soft piece that was instrumental and didnt have any guitars or drums or such, but more an epic thing and I think its a great way to end the album.

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