Behind The Artwork: The Black Bullets - Bulletproof (2018)

Liar Billy T, vocalist from the band, The Black Bullets talk about the cover artwork for their releases: "All the bands cover art has been created by me, each one meaning very different things but they all come from a single world creation called Hellsville that stems from my personal visions of society and my own inner demons. Often dark and nihilistic each piece shares motifs with the lyrics, such as depression, self harm, love lust, heartbreak and drug addiction.  The tentacles which appear in most of the covers reflect everyone thats tried to drag us down, in your lives, individually in our own lives, or as a band, the press when certain members left the band and we were derided and pushed out of favour, the promoters who turned their backs on us / you, the bankers, the politicians, the rascists, the facist. My favourite cover of mine was for “Bulletproof” where this message is most obvious.  We are alone.  It’s you against the world.  Youve only got one shot, good luck.”

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