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Behind The Artwork: KOSM - Cosmonaut (2018)

The album artwork was designed by vocalist Jessie Grace, incorporating photographs by Marcus J Ranum. The artwork combines elements of science-fiction and cosmic horror, fantasy and Lovecraftian lore, themes that permeate the album as a whole. The juxtaposition of imagery also represents the content of the music. The album combines the melodic and atmospheric qualities of progressive rock, with the aggressive and guttural power of modern heavy metal. The art, like the music, wants to take you on a journey.

The cover art captures the concept for the album: a cosmonaut’s journey through time and space, a journey of transformation and self-actualization. We see this cosmonaut transcended beyond human form, and flourishing in the vacuum of space. Beyond representing the literal narrative of the album, the cover art is also symbolic. The cosmonaut’s journey serves as an allegory for the human experience, and listeners are meant to see themselves in the cosmonaut: one who transcends their limitations, and thrives in adversity.

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