Behind The Artworks: Negative Wall - Gammagelu (2018)

As for art; the cover art for Gammagelu was conceived and is an oil painting by Jeff Grimal. I described the first song, "Imperii Exsules" to him and it's relation to the Misfits Zanti, this is what he painted. I had also mentioned some of the imagery of "Hybrid Genus Serpentis" had come to me directly after seeing the film 'Shape of Water'. In the case of the single and extended single, known as "Hybrid Serpentis Kp22", the art was by Gabe McIntosh. To note, it was banned from Facebook advertising for actually depicting violence as it happens. So you can see it as long as it's a digital download in other sources than FB. It's also on a limited shirt and the extended single Hybrid Serpentis Kp22 is limited to 100 copies so very rare. There is an alternative cover of the same "Hybrid Serpentis Kp22" cover by Droned Covers that is deemed less offensive. You'll know this one as it's rather pink in general and water color and it's used when an alternate is needed.

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