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Behind The Artworks: The Great Sabatini - Goodbye Audio (2018)

I've been making custom, one-off toys out of bits and pieces of old toys for a while now. I decided to make the puppet "Grimm" for the Dog Years album cover, as a challenge. I like the way it all turned out, so I decided to go for another "build it from scratch and photograph it" type of thing this time around, except with toys. Making dioramas when I was a kid was always fun, and I always had a fondness for album covers that did this sort of thing. Some examples would be Primus' "Sailing The Seas Of Cheese" or any of their early albums, The Inbreds albums, particularly "Kombinator", or even "Dead Mountain Mouth" by Genghis Tron. Also, I'd read many years ago that the Beatles intended to call the White Album "A Doll's House" initially, which conjured this image of a diorama type of thing, and the idea that each song was like a room in the house or something. The overall theme of the record was shaping up to be sort of grim and it sort of conjured an image in my head of this rabble of freaks burying one of their own. I like using color with our packaging (or sometimes lack thereof) to guide the vibe of the music for our listeners, if at all possible. I wanted these guys to be colorful, over saturated, but somehow still somber. I suppose the somber bit came off in the characterizations of each piece... they look serious, even if they are all pretty colorful. I had loads of old toys to mess with, but I also received a large box of mostly broken toys from my good friend Angus. I chopped stuff up, reassembled the pieces, did some sculpting here and there... painted and finished all the pieces, and put them together in my friend Marisa's Photo studio. One of these freaks, the one with the panties and the skull head, was a gift from an artist friend of mine named Michael Shantz. Mike has been a huge inspiration to me with making collectible toys... his pieces are always weird and wild.   

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