Behind The Artworks: Osmium Guillotine - A Million To One (2018)

The concept behind the album artwork was based around the title track 'A Million To One' which is about an alien invasion. The main art was hand-painted by our guitarist Lance Steele. 

The cover sleeve when opened reveals all 3 panels of Lance's artwork (pictured below) which features references to other tracks on the album, including a 'Guillotar' (Based on the track Slay The Guillotar), a graveyard (Only Famous (When You're Dead)), Lemmy's hat and boots (He Played Rock n Roll) and our mascot Gil O'Tine fighting against his future self (Paradox).

The inner sleeve artwork was mainly done digitally by myself, with photography by Lala Photography at Joli Studios. The disc itself shows Gil O'Tine flying through a portal in space, this is a reference to the song 'Metal Man'. This depiction of Gil O'Tine was designed by Laurence Crow Illustration. 
Some words from the artist, Lance Steele:

"The artwork was inspired by ‘The War of the Worlds’ artwork. 'A Million to One’ the title track off the album is based on aliens coming down and destroying humanity, so the artwork is based off that with the shiny metal alien zapping someone with a old school walkman. I have also included our mascot fighting himself from the future to incorporate the song ‘Paradox’ and a graveyard which was influenced by the song ‘Only Famous’. 

I used acrylic on board to paint the design. I really like the album artwork old metal bands had back in the day which were usually painted and had some over the top imagery. Ed Repka and Derek Riggs are big influences of mine and I like to keep this tradition going. Also I’m terrible with computer programs so I find it a lot easier to work this way. I look forward to getting out the paintbrushes again for other releases and hope you guys like it"

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