Behind The Artworks: Vst - The Beast Manifesto (2018)

Vst’s most recent release follows it’s previous work “An-ki ekleipsis” where we talk about old ideologies, all which are now sealed in an opus, and this opus is named “The Beast Manifesto”.

The cover art of the album resembles an old black leather ancient book cover imprinted with a sigil (from latin sigillum, wich means seal) depicting a spiritual entity.

In many ancient civilizations, the snake represents duality, having both benevolent and dark properties, bringer of death and rebirth, terrenal protector and the guide after death.

At the base of the sigil we can see a two headed snake representing this. On the inside, the art work resembles a World War II phamplet, where the shape of the beast can be seen hidden behind a map which suggests the possible locations of this secret society aiming to spread the manifesto.

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