Track By Track: Corpsefucking Art - Splatterphobia (2018)

Our fifth album aims to dive deeper into the sick mind hiding in a maniac killer’s mind. Which are the torments causing such extreme reaction, always referring to our character Mr. Daisy as a model. Below you can find a step-by-step description of the 10 songs composing our new album “Splatterphobia”:

1. Splatterphobia:

The first song entitles our album and is the most representative. In such lyrics, we focus on the reason why our Mr. Daisy is caught by killing streaks. In order to better represent such condition of his, I referred to a masterpiece by Fritz Lang, M – The Monster of Dusseldorf (M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder). I always try to put my character in realities being able to represent his inner monsters.

2. Satanic Barbecue:

This song is a tribute to the recent passing of Tobe Hooper, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the ideal film to push Mr. Daisy into the lovely Leatherface’s family mansion. There’s a party, including an invitation card, and a first-choice meats barbecue. Guests don’t know they’ll be the main course cooked and eaten by Mr. Daisy.

3. Black Sheep Terror:

Usually, our albums contain at least one song about something normal unknowingly becoming a killer. In this case, sheep turn from meek preys into human-bloodthirsty fiends. Once again, the story is based on a movie, Black Sheep. Such stories are all Mr. Daisy’s fantasies; his mind lives in a parallel world, where the strangest things happen.

4. Tomator:

Always referring to the parallel world where Mr. Daisy’s mind live, the “tomato” element is at the center of the story. Its world is quite similar to Skynet, but it’s all about roots and not a supercomputer network. A parallelism with “The Terminator” by James Cameron, where a Tomator (terminator tomato) is sent in the past to kill the Corpsefucking Art. Substantially, the Tomator will have to eliminate the whole band, since the “Tomator” song, which will soon be written, is going to destroy the tomatoes roots in the future, letting them die instantly.

5. Nightmare City:

This song is another tribute to the filmmaker Umberto Lenzi and the soundtrack composer Stelvio Cipriani, both recently passed away. Here we describe the facts of one of Lenzi’s films, “Incubo sulla città Contaminata”, known abroad as “Nightmare City”. A nuclear waste contamination affecting human cells, making people aggressive and bloodthirsty. Mr. Daisy is a psychopath who believes to experience that situation personally, getting inspiration for his murders.

6. RoboCorpse 2:

This is the second part of an old song. RoboCorpse 2 is a clear homage to RoboCop 2, another film mentioned in our album. Mr. Daisy is a ‘90s nostalgic as well. The only difference is that here humans are not spared, but eliminated as a single, inviolable directive.

7. Devoured by the Sauce:

Here we go to the usual Cannibal Corpse parody included in our albums. This time is “Devoured By Vermin”, where we replaced “vermin” with “sauce”. Here we describe the death of a person devoured by all parts of a tomato, from leaves to sauces, who is cooked in a pot, becoming part of the sauce itself.

8. Beyond The Holy Grounds (Tomatoes version):

This is a new edition of an old 1993 song I used to play at those times when we were still named after Enthralment. We tried to left the riffs intact, only editing the lyrics. Back in the days, our lyrics were anti-Christian, therefore we needed a more bizarre theme, consistently with Mr.
Daisy’s world.

9. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead (Cannibal Corpse cover):

We eventually decide to propose a classic from Cannibal Corpse’s discography. The choice of an album like “The Bleeding” is not random since this is the one which influenced and still influences our sound for the most. For the solo part, we involved an old guitar player from the Italian Scene, who played in bands exploring the death metal sound, back in the days – Excidium and Maleficarum.

10. Blood.Knife.Mirror:

As the finale, a song which goes back to Splatterphobia, where we tried to  expose Mr. Daisy’s mind, in order to understand what is the cause of his homicide madness. Once again, we refer to a classic Italian horror film, Profondo Rosso (as known as “Deep Red” abroad), Dario Argento’s masterpiece. In our protagonist’s mind something dark and evil lies, something he’s even unaware of, which won’t save him from his bloody deeds.

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